Elon Musk – One of the world’s super-rich is accused of running an ‘Anti-5G’ narrative in the United States.

The Non-profit ‘5G for 12 GHz Coalition’ has accused Elon Musk, the creator of Tesla, and SpaceX of lying about the possible effects of expanding certain airwaves for 5G.

According to 5G for 12 GHz Coalition, the private space company – SpaceX provided a manipulated filing to the United States Federal Communications Commission [FCC] to make the people believe that the expansion of some airwaves for 5G can disrupt SpaceX’s affordable Starlink satellite internet services, and the expanded 5G usage would lead to considerable interference though there isn’t any harmful interference parallel to the 5G technology.

“This tactic which is commonly used by Elon Musk is not only disingenuous but it promulgates an anti-5G narrative that is harmful to American consumers who deserve greater competition connectivity options and innovation,” the coalition stated in a report.

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The hot talk by the billionaire is on a band of radio frequencies, particularly the 12 GHz Spectrum for 5G.

Since 2021, the year FCC began the 12 GHz proceeding, the coalition joined hands and worked with top industry experts, “to submit robust, data-driven technical analyses into the record.”

“These studies demonstrate not only that co-existence is feasible in the band, but the substantial societal, economic, and geopolitical benefits of unleashing more critical mid-band spectrum for 2-way terrestrial services,” the coalition added.

After Elon Musk’s SpaceX failed to submit any expert input on the claim during the public comment and reply comment periods in the proceeding, “the company was successful in providing only a self-produced political document in the guise of technical analysis.”

The company went ahead and stated that this false campaign would make the public think that coexistence is not possible in the band among Starlink and 5G services.

This coalition is made of 35 interest groups, telecom companies, and trade associations that are asking the FCC of the US to permit to reap the full potential of the 12GHz band of 5G.

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