Christmas 2019 :

The season of the most cherished celebration is here…

CHRISTMAS  Celebrating Happiness and Reinforcement of Love Illuminated by Santa To Mankind And Society.

The world is preparing to unleash a whole new level of celebration like never before. Get ready to have a fantastic break from everything and treat yourself in some of the best celebrating destinations around the world.

Best Places to Celebrate Christmas 2019

Bethlehem, Israel :

Bethlehem is the birthplace of the ‘Christ’ which makes the place a must-visit bucket-list destination of everyone who loves Christmas.

The grand processions in the name of Christ, Midnight Mass celebrations in the streets of Bethlehem, decorated Christmas trees in the old city, grand parties in Manger Square make the city of 25,000 residents look like an ancient yacht party of celebrating ‘Jesus’ like nowhere else.

Christmas in bethlehemImage source: Wikipedia

It’s a must-visit celebrating destination that gives you a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the long lost traditional celebrations coming back to life.

Dubai, UAE :

A true oasis of the desert, Dubai, the city of luxury. The land of super advancement, sky-piercing skyscrapers, luxurious shopping, super cool islands, and much more.

Dubai nights

A destination to celebrate Christmas on the soft sand on a blissful day without missing the regular, tasty, and delicious roasted turkey on the table.

Celebrating Christmas nights in an Arabian desert under a million stars is truly an exclusive experience that you should try at least once in your lifetime. The Christmas markets, fairs, and grand events of Dubai along with the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa cannot be missed exclusively on Christmas eve.

Tokyo, Japan :

Tokyo, the ‘Tomorrowland’ of the virtual experience and fun. The land where the future-technology meets the oldest tradition. Christmas 2019 in Tokyo will be the 11th Tokyo Midtown’s Annual Christmas celebration and it’s gonna be beyond ordinary with its exclusive ‘starlight garden’ that will be illuminated with over 190,000 digitally controlled LEDs and special inflators to mimic spectacular space-like view.

Christmas in tokyoImage source: Wikipedia

The place is mainly made for beautiful couples of true love. Infinite Santa Display with 1,800 Santas is truly overwhelming.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil :

Rio, the land of ‘Christ the Redeemer’, football and Samba. This is a must-visit bucket list destination for any holiday lover. It never gets bored in Rio exclusively during Carnival and on Christmas eve.

Rio Christmas celebration is one of the most fun-filled in the world. The brightly illuminated seashores, streets, and trees make the already bright night brighter.

Rio de janerio christmasImage source: Wikipedia

Rio illuminates the largest ever ‘floating Christmas tree’ on the city’s lagoon. It stands 280 feet tall and illuminated by over 3.1 million lights.

Nightlife in Rio is spontaneous and dazzling with Midnight Mass parade and music concerts followed by a spectacular fireworks display. The bars, restaurants, and clubs will be open all night long for an uninterrupted celebration.

Bruges, Belgium :

Feel the warmth of Belgium during cold winter in the Bruges celebration of Christmas 2019.

Bruges is one of the best places in Europe to celebrate Christmas and have an experience of your lifetime. The world-famous Christmas Market at Grote Square is one of the main driving forces of Bruges during Christmas. It attracts people from all over the world.

Bruges christmas marketImage source: Wikimedia

Christmas Market is complemented with Belgian beer, hot chocolate, ice skating. Brugge Square Christmas tree, traditional and delicious Belgian local food and plenty more extravaganza to feast on.

Rome, Italy :

The Eternal City of Italy is best enjoyed in the most traditionally preserved hotspots in Roman style. Trip to Rome isn’t complete without visiting the world-renowned St. Peter’s Basilica to watch the pope delivered his most awaited speech and blessing to the crowd. And the legendary Colosseum where the history speaks.

Christmas in romeImage source: Wikimedia

Roman streets are overwhelmed with beautiful ‘Nativity Scenes’ almost everywhere. To see the best life-size ‘Nativity Scenes’ you need to visit St. Peter’s Square that lies right next to the giant Christmas tree. This fun-filled experience is accompanied by the traditional Roman Christmas food, concerts, parties, midnight fireworks, and much more…

New York, USA :

New York, the city that never sleeps is all set for a snow-fight with Santa. Get ready to witness one of the best celebrations in the world.

On Christmas Eve, the busy streets magically turn into a Christmas elf streets filled with fun and joy of welcoming the winter.

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The first thing in NY city that you need to visit is the world-famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, the iconic Christmas representative of New York City. Its stunning illumination will be as beautiful as it can be.

Rockefeller christmas tree new yorkImage source: Wikimedia

The tree will be lit on Wednesday, 4th December. Its presence is the trump card to visit NY City.

The Saks 5th Avenue Light Show is just too spectacular to miss. Saks has partnered with Disney to give life to all their Winter Christmas Characters especially ‘Frozen 2’. It will be the ‘Disneyland’ of New York.

The dazzlingly beautiful ‘Christmas Window Decoration’ that depicts the good old tales which we used to read when we were little is a powerful magnet that attracts people from around the world.

The Bryant Park Winter Village along with its tiny Christmas Market and the Ice Skating Rink in the middle is exclusively made for Christmas 2019 celebration, it’s a handcrafted place for Christmas shopping and fun-filled enjoyment.

And don’t forget to ride your way in ‘The Ride Holiday Edition’ to feel every street in New York. It’s a special bus with window-facing seats and has more than 40 TV screens and an LED illuminated couch that looks like a bus from Santa’s World.

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Reykjavik, Iceland :

Reykjavik, a city that is as beautiful as the whitest snow. Experience the Icelandic way of Christmas with its traditional Christmas celebration in every corner of the streets. Enjoy Aurora Borealis, the northern lights, its Mother Nature’s spectacular natural light show at night in the sky (or) you can enjoy Mother Nature by visiting the Golden Circle’s Geysir Geothermal Area and the legendary Gullfoss Waterfall to celebrate your Christmas without limiting your heart.

Christmas in reykjavik icelandImage source: Flickr

When it comes to food, there’s no compromise on Christmas Eve, you can enjoy a buffet of diverse delicacies along with the traditional Icelandic Christmas treats and specialties.

Santa Claus, Finland :

Santa Claus, the hometown of the all-favorite Santa. The place that you were reading about in your book since you were a kid. The fairyland of dreams. This place should be a must-visit destination in your bucket list. It’s the place where you can cross the magical Arctic Circle every day.

Santa claus village finland

Santa Claus village is a beautiful Christmas destination that reminds of Santa’s Palace from ‘The Polar Express’. Just the fantastic history of this amazing place and its special place in your heart are enough to drive you to this beautiful Christmas destination.

Meet Santa in his official office…

Which destination would you choose…?

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Have a great trip and Merry Christmas…

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Toba · April 18, 2022 at 12:30

Tokyo would literally my pick, been there twice I just can’t get enough, missing every spot I’ve visited and surely will visit again if I had a chance. thanks for sharing this!

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