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Ninety-seven more people died in China due to coronavirus, taking the death toll to 2,442, officials said on Sunday, as a team of WHO experts visited the worst-affected Wuhan city in Hubei province…

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'Piece of History to Remember'

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"February 23"

‘1946’ – Nearly 3,00,000 Indian Navy troops turn against their British officers who were firing machine guns at anti-British demonstrators, in Bombay, India…

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Amazon Echo Buds, Best Earbuds from Amazon Echo Family

Amazon Echo Buds : The house of Amazon has proudly launched its Echo device to bring ‘Alexa’ from the house to the open world...

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Easy Way to Get Sound Sleep: The ‘Dodow’ Your Latest Lullaby

The ‘Dodow’ your latest lullaby : ‘Sleep’ is a prime factor to live a happy, active and relaxed life. But some people are sadly deprived of their sleep...

Best carry on luggage cover

Best Carry-on Luggage for a Traveler on the go

Best Carry-on Luggage for a Traveler : Traveling gets to a whole new level of comfort when ‘travel packing’ isn’t a real pain in a**. Messy luggage only means one thing, messy travel...

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