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COVID-19 pandemic is plaguing the world with cases surpassing one million (1,607,000) and killing more than 95,000 people across the world with the count rising every single day.

Every single government in the world is mobilizing its resources to fight the outbreak that first began in China. Even with mobilizing all their resources, countries are still struggling to contain the outbreak.

With an increasing number of cases every day, the hospitals are finding it difficult to treat the infected due to the shortage of ventilators.

The US now has over 160,000 ventilators while the number of cases has crossed 367,000 and the experts have said that it would grow worse.

The desperate need of ventilators was witnessed with the New York mayor Bill de Blasio’s tweet to Elon Musk as the hospitals run low on ventilators.

Ventilators by Tesla is confirmed…

Elon Musk has confirmed his initiative to make ventilators by responding to Nate’s tweets by saying, “Tesla makes cars with a sophisticated HVAC system, ventilators are not difficult, but cannot be produced instantly. Which hospital have these shortages you speak of right now…?”

Tesla is joining Ford and General Motors, a group of automobile manufacturers who are remodeling their production facility to build ventilators to tend to the health-care demand.

And just like these automakers, Tesla is making ventilators using car parts. Take a look at the prototype ventilator by Tesla developed by Tesla engineers.

According to the engineers, they are improvising the functionality of the car parts. Ventilators by Tesla use as many car parts as possible.

For example, a ventilator made using the parts of Tesla model 3 uses its very own information system(IS) used to power its computer modified to the airflow of the device.

And uses its touchscreen as a controller. In addition to the IS, to mix the oxygen with other gases the company has employed its suspension air chamber to perfectly get the process done.

Ventilators by Tesla is being co-developed with the medical device manufacturer Medtronic to boost the production numbers.

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Musk is in talks with the officials to reopen the Giga factories in Buffalo, NY to intensify the production. Due to the overwhelming demand for medical supplies, FDA has gained speed in the approval-process for COVID-19 related treatment.

But more sophisticated ventilators made for patients with extreme breathing problems may take longer for certification.

Ventilators by Tesla is expected to get the approval soon enough to supply them to the hospitals that are in dire need. And in response to the ventilators by Tesla, the doctors and hospitals thanked the CEO, Elon Musk.

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