Ukraine Starlink : 

War waged by Russia has plunged its neighbor – Ukraine into a horrific bloodbath.

Disturbing scenes of devastating explosions, destruction of buildings, hospitals, and death flooded the internet. It’s the biggest crisis Europe has faced since world war 2.

Despite the world’s pressure on Russia to de-escalate the war between Ukraine and Russia, it has only worsened.

The exchange of crucial information is critical in wars, and in the 21st century, the internet has become the primary source of communication and exchange of information.

Russia’s incessant attack on Ukraine is gradually crippling the internet accessibility of the war-torn nation.

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NetBlocks, a private company tracking internet usage in Ukraine stated to BBC that it witnessed a 20% drop below the usual usage record of the country, it recorded internet collapse in areas like Sievicrodonetsk, Luhansk, and warned that it could deteriorate as the war continues. Hence Ukraine asked SpaceX CEO Elon Musk to provide the Starlink services.

And without delay, Elon Musk sent a truck full of Starlink devices to aid Ukrainians.

With Ukraine Starlink’s arrival, the deputy prime minister of the country, Mykhailo Fedorov took to Twitter to thank Elon Musk for his help.

How do Ukraine Starlink services work?

For the Ukraine Starlink devices to begin their services, the dish or terminal has to be plugged into the power supply and the devices will automatically establish a connection with the nearest Starlink satellite orbiting above (currently there are more than 2000 Starlink satellites).

Then the satellite will search and communicate with the closest gateway or ground station that provides the internet. The gateway cannot be too far, and luckily, the closest one is present in Poland – Ukraine’s neighbor.

The connectivity is established with the satellite which is then relayed to the Ukraine Starlink devices. And the routers plugged into these dishes/terminals will begin their work.

The Ukraine Starlink terminals will mostly be used by the Ukrainian military to keep track of the ground reports.

However, since the technology is new and the Starlink satellites are orbiting in low-earth orbit, there may be delays in data transfer of the Ukraine Starlink services, but it would be measured only in milliseconds.

And the terminals that are placed high which they should be to get clear signals (i.e. on trees, buildings) should have a clear sky to function efficiently.

Ukraine Starlink terminals cost £495 and £89/month subscription charges, but it is very unlikely for Ukraine to be charged for the service.

However, Scott-Railton a senior researcher at The Citizen Lab stated that Musk’s donation was “good to see” but warned of attacks from Russia noting. “Russia has decades of experience hitting people by targeting their satellite communications.”


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