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The wave of technological advancement is sweeping the world fast. In the IoT era, speed determines everything, and with the revolutionary Starlink technology of SpaceX, highspeed internet access across the world will be on a whole new level.

The Starlink satellite system has promised to surpass the performance of the internet services that are bounded to the ground.

Starlink already has more than 700 satellites in low-orbit. In the beta test of the Starlink satellite system, internet connectivity has reached a download speed of 100 megabits per second by transferring data using ‘space lasers’ data transfer’ technology between the satellites.

“The results from the beta version tests of internet service from the company’s Starlink project show super-low latency and download speeds greater than 100 megabits per second,” Kate Tice, SpaceX senior certification engineer, stated on a Starlink broadcast on 3rd September 2020.

The Starlink satellite internet service has seen a latency less than 20 milliseconds which is promising than the ground-based broadband…

“Our latency is low enough to play the fastest online video games, and our download speeds are fast enough to stream multiple HD movies at once and still have the bandwidth to spare,” Kate Tice added.

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The tests were conducted with the help of Ookla’s speed test service which revealed a 102-103 Mbps download speed, 40-42 Megabits per second upload speed, and a latency margin of 18-19 milliseconds which is better compared to the average latency of 25 milliseconds for fixed broadband and 48 milliseconds for mobile networks in the United States, according to the Speedtest.

The results were published a day after the company publicly claimed that the Starlink satellite system is all set to achieve the download speed of more than 100 Mbps. The results were provided to the Federal Communications Commission.

The company is working at its full potential manufacturing about 120 Starlink satellites every month. The aim is to set thousands of Starlink satellites in low-earth orbit to enable internet access worldwide and reach a download speed of 1 Gbps even in rural and most remote areas.

SpaceX is also “en route” to produce user terminals in thousands for the daily data consumers to pin it in their homes to access the satellite-based broadband service.

Starlink Satellite’s key features…

Starlink satellite

> Aim to provide fast internet access to every corner of the world at the best affordable price.
> Each satellite weighs approximately 260 Kg.
> The system’s satellites will orbit the Earth in low-orbit at an altitude of 550 km.
> Each Starlink satellite is equipped with 4 powerful antennas and a singular solar array.
> It has the first-of-its-kind ion propulsion system power by Krypton that enables the satellite to easily maneuver in space.
> Equipped with Autonomous Collision Avoidance System.

The company is preparing for a public beta trial for users in many states across the US.

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