Acquisition and merges worth millions and billions of dollars have now become the common news, and the latest one is the acquisition of Siru Graphics by one of the world’s largest smart chip manufacturers – Intel Graphics.

Siru Innovations is a high-tech graphics and smart processor company based in Finland. The company is an expert in software and graphics developments.

The reason for Intel Graphics to take Siru under its wings is to establish itself in the discrete graphics market that is currently being dominated by other giants like Nvidia and AMD.

The Siru team will become the arm of the Intel Graphics Accelerated Computing System and Graphics group.

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According to the company, Siru has phenomenal expertise in computer graphics and developing solutions from high-level APIs to low-level GPU architecture.

The company has also developed graphics IP for low-power SoCs for the big players like Qualcomm and AMD, Intel Graphics is banking on such experience of the company to get in and establish its stronghold in the massive and lucrative mobile and laptop graphics markets.

The Siru team under Intel Graphics could immediately begin their work on driver and software optimization of 1st gen Alchemist cards.

“This talented group brigs decades of experience developing graphics IP and software services that will help support our customers,” the company stated on its Twitter account while revealing its acquisition.

The $200 billion gaming industry is growing exponentially and is expected to reach $half a trillion dollars by 2028, the giant tech companies are racing to have their piece of the Pie.

However, Intel did not reveal the value of its acquisition. With this asset, the company is planning to reap from its own HPC products, including its cool Ponte Vecchio processors.


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