5G Technology :

The wave of technological advancement is sweeping the world fast. And the ‘fast is about to get a whole lot faster’.

5G [Fifth-Generation] networks are being designed for the horizon of 2020 and beyond with its unmatched speed compared to its predecessors [2G, 3G & 4G]. The fifth-generation network is estimated to be around 100 times faster than 4G.

Its purpose is to ensure high-speed connectivity for a smooth and fast-flowing society without interference.

Evolution of Cellular Technology :

  • 1G – Mobile Voice Calls.
  • 2G – Mobile Voice Calls and SMS.
  • 3G – Mobile Web Browsing.
  • 4G – High Data Speed and Mobile Video Consumption.
  • 5G – Serve Advanced Technological World and Digitalization of Industries.

Did you know…?

Japanese tech giants ‘Huawei & Docomo’ together conducted the world’s first 5G large scale networking field trial in December 2016, using 4.5 GHz frequency bandwidth which had the data speed of 11.29 Gbps that is 40x faster than the current 4G network.

What is 5G technology?

5G is the fifth-generation wireless, advanced and latest iteration of cellular technology with an increase in the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks for a smoother and uninterrupted advanced world.

According to the report from Ericsson, the expansion of 5G technology will enable 10 times lower cost per GB than the current 4G networks. 

5G, Key to Artificial Intelligence :

Artificial Intelligence [AI] will be the face of a super-advanced world. It is represented by machine learning and deep learning and has created a milestone in the ‘World of the Internet’.

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence that is processed by machines where self-learning, reasoning, and auto-correction is possible without human interference.

Artificial intelligence

Strong AI is the one which performs the task without human interaction, virtual personal assistant like Apple’s Siri is considered as weak AI.

5G technology will be the spine of the AI world. The AI will help telecommunication optimize their investment, reduce cost and improve efficiency.

With the precision of 5G technology, the capacity, expansion, forecast, coverage, auto-optimization and cloud resource scheduling of data will be possible like never before.

This is pivotal to achieve a smarter digital future whether you’re moving to the closed or structural change, 5G connectivity is the key.

Here 5G networking plays a major role as a highway for the perfect exploitation of AI that works efficiently only when it has stable 5G connectivity as it is claimed to be 100 times faster than the current 4G.

Here are some of the advanced features of 5G Networking :

> 5G enables lightning-fast uninterrupted connectivity and unparalleled data speed. 
> 5G can automate many networking behaviors and unite wireless satellite services that come under a single structure. 
> It offers a platform enabling services for better virtual marketing. 
> The estimated 10 Gbps broadband speed can be increased up to 20 Gbps
> 5G technology can use Network Slicing to move into position for multiple 5G networks on the same infrastructure.

Why 5G connectivity plays an important role in Artificial Intelligence [AI] :

The very first reason is that it is complex and more efficient when compared to its previous generation. It provides more dynamic networking resources that can now scale up or down the virtual connectivity even at the slices of real-time usage.

Quality, accuracy and data connectivity is enhanced with mobile broadband, each serves different requirements at the different range in the background.

5G needs superhuman analytical capabilities assuring the performance of the diverse applications. It requires troubleshooting and optimization based on an accurate end to end view of signal behavior.

The productivity of 5G networks is massive in data managing, optimizing and operating. Machine automation technology with 5G is one big chunk of global technological advancement.

With all these benefits and features of 5G connection, the only thing that run’s in your mind is ‘when and how can we get 5G connection on our smartphones…?’

> Well, 5G technology will be commercially available in 2020 in major countries, not all devices out there will support 5G since “New inventions require New devices”.

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Here are some of the smartphones that support 5G connectivity [2019/20] :

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold
  • One Plus 7 Pro
  • Oppo Reno
  • Oppo Reno 2
  • Huawei Mate 20 X
  • Xiomi Mi Mix 3
  • LG V50 Thin Q
  • Vivo Apex 
  • Lenovo Z6 Pro

Tech Fact: Various countries are researching on 5G, 6G, 7G and surprisingly 8G but right now as per the current situation not a single country is fully operational on 5G.

South Korea is the only present country which is providing speed connectivity and will claim to be the first country with fully operational 5G networking by 2020.

All these technological advancements must lead to the betterment of the world and mankind. Technology is an asset only when it’s potential is used for a better future.

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