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‘The Hoard Planet’ is a global platform for multidimensional trendy information on Technology, Gadgets, Science, Travel, and Trendy Stuff.

We are a team of Enthusiasts obsessed with sharing efficient knowledge and the latest information.

‘The Hoard Planet’ is a planet of…

> Interesting Science facts and milestones.
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> Information on whatever trendy hot stuff going on Planet Earth.
> Adventurous things you should try in life.
> Most interesting Travel info.

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Well, that’s the damn question for the sole purpose of our existence. To us, it’s about making you brighter than you were yesterday. 

What question can readers ask?

Come on guys… you can ask us anything…

What questions do we answer?

We are definitely gonna enlighten you about all your appropriate doubts and questions. And try to satisfy you appropriately [In the right way].

Our Mission is to make you brighter than you were yesterday…

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