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Subaru’s Soltera, Benz Vision AVTR, Bentley EXP 100 GT, Zoox Robotaxi to Aptera’s Solar Electric Car, the race is fully on to completely shift towards sustainable energy.

More and more companies are pouring in, I guess it’s better late than never.

And now the German automaker Volkswagen Group’s subsidiary Audi has revealed its brand new electric supercar Audi Skysphere, a spectacular roadster, the 1st member of Audi’s new family of concept automobiles. And it really has some cool features.

If you have seen the sci-fi action film – I, Robot, then you might be familiar with the scene where Will Smith lounging on his driver’s seat switches his car’s driving mode from auto to manual in which a steering wheel appears out of the dashboard before an armada of robots attacks his car.

Well, it looks like Audi was somehow motivated by that particular scene.

Audi SkysphereAudi Skysphere has the cooled steering wheel concept that looks like it’s borrowed from the future, it’s because the car has an impressive Level 4 – autonomous capability, which means when Audi Skyspher’s on auto-driving mode, the driver won’t be needing the steering wheel or driving pedals anymore and they would retract into the front dash creating a much spacious lounge-like interior on the go.

To get an idea about how advanced Level 4 is, Tesla’s cars are now at Level 2 auto-driving capability.

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The large 55-inch wide touchscreen fused with Eucalyptus wood and Synthetic leather dashboard is a sleek look of the future.

“This is definitely one of the most exciting projects of the show cars I have ever worked on with my team,” said Marc Lichte, Head of Audi Design in the Audi Skysphere reveal video.

He stated that their Audi Skysphere is an inspiration taken from Audi’s legendary roadster Horch 853, and Skysphere is the modern interpretation of its benchmark characteristics.

“The Audi Skysphere is a very very progressive interpretation of a roadster,” he added.

The car is a 4.94 meter-long two-seater e-roadster powered by an 80 kWh battery that is said to give a 300-mile range with instant torque.

The company stated that Audi Skysphere can go from 0 to 60 mph in just under 4 seconds which would be very impressive for sport-mode drivers.

The driver can also choose ‘Grand Touring’ mode in which the 4.94-meter car would expand to a spacious 5-19 meter long spacious GT.

Audi Skysphere weighs around 1.9 tons and has a convertible roof.

But don’t get too excited right away, because it’s not gonna hit the road anytime soon, you will have to wait a little longer.

Audi is also preparing for 2 more autonomous, e-concept cars to reveal in the next years: the Urbansphere and the Grandsphere.

Well, with the current global-level climatic disasters, these clean-energy dependable automobiles are not just a trend anymore but have become an immediate necessity that everyone needs to adopt. The shift from fossil fuel to clean energy is inevitable.

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