Subaru, the Japanese automaker known for their affordable All-Wheel Drive cars (AWDs) has revealed 1st sneak peek of its trump card for the shifting future from fossil fuel to sustainable energy.

Subaru Solterra: Subaru’s first step towards green ‘sustainable’ transport. Solterra was named by combining the Latin words “Sun” and “Earth” to represent environmental consciousness, according to the company.

SubaruImage credit: Subaru

The company has partnered with the Japanese giant Toyota to bring its first EV to the market. Toyota in February had announced the launch of 3 electric vehicles by the end of 2021.

However, this wasn’t how it was planned to reveal.

Toyota, the worldwide partner of the Olympics was all prepared to reveal its cutting-edge innovations in sustainable mobility in the grand opening of the Tokyo Olympics, but the ongoing pandemic spoiled the plans.

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Hence Toyota announced the launch of its EVs and they are excepted to hit the Japanese, Chinese, and American markets by the end of the year.

Solterra, Subaru’s 1st ever fully electric car is a compact SUV, the little teasing of the car with a little splash of mud on its rear badge means that the SUV is ready for the off-road challenges too.

Subaru Solterra will be built on the shared platform with Toyota.

Subaru’s expertise in building excellent all-wheel-drive systems and Toyota’s superiority in developing batteries will be a combination to watch out for.

Subaru stated that their electric SUVs will be rolling out in 2022, no more information like the specifications of the car or the price of the car was released by the company.

Well, the shift towards sustainable and green mobility is inevitable and every single automaker in the world is shifting the lane whether they like it or not.

But the anticipation to look at complete carbon-neutral transport is way greater than it was ever before.


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