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It looks like the days of roads filled with electric vehicles will be a reality, it’s not just the automobile manufacturing companies that are bringing out their electric vehicles.

Ola, the ride-hailing giant of India has revealed its 1st level version of electric vehicles – Ola Scooter.

Softbank funded Ola Electric, an arm of Ola to establish itself in the futuristic EV industry has pledged a fund of $350 million (₹2,400 Cr) to manufacture Ola Scooters in India.

The company has already started building its 500-acre manufacturing plant in Tamil Nadu. This mega-factory will be the largest two-wheeler manufacturing plant in the world.

Ola in May 2020 had acquired Amsterdam-based electric scooter company Etergo BV, and ‘Etergo AppScooter’ – Ola’s version will be their first vehicle to roll out that is due for launch in a few months.

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Ola Scooter in detail…

Image credit: ETAuto.com

Ola Scooter will retain Etergo’s design and comes with impressive key features. The most interesting one is its swappable batteries, unlike many other electric-two-wheelers of South-Asia, Ola Scooter’s batteries can be removed and charged in your home using the regular home-power socket. You can either charge the scooter in its parking space or remove the batteries, take it inside and plug it into your regular electric socket.

Ola Scooter has 3 separate batteries with a range of 80-km each on a single charge. The three batteries all-together pack a 240km range which is quite impressive.

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The power sources can be fully charged in 2.3 hours which I think is a little long for a two-wheeler.

Ola Scooter can accelerate from 0 to 45 kph in 3.9 seconds.

This e-scooter has a pre-mounted TFT panel to access and control its e-features. Digital dashboard with Android OS for navigation, phone control, music, and system check.

It is also equipped with 10W speakers and audio jack, support for iOS-powered devices, remote lock/unlock, charging control, find my scooter, GPS location tracking with 4G (LTE) connectivity, GPRS, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

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The company’s 1st year’s plan is to produce 2 million Ola Scooters, but once the plant is fully ready to roll at full capacity, it aims to produce 10 million e-scooters every year. It is ambitiously aiming to claim 15% of the global e-scooter market share.

“Our ambition is to have a big impact on e-vehicles. The only way we can create an impact in electrification is by playing at scale. The business cannot be built by selling 2,000 vehicles a year,” Bhavish Aggarwal, chairman, and CEO of Ola told the media.

The company hasn’t officially revealed the price of Ola Scooter, but it is aiming to keep it under $1500 (₹1,10,000/-) in order to make it affordable to everyone.

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