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Climate Change and soaring temperatures have triggered a global wave of shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Almost every single sector is now opening up for an eco-friendly way of living. The transportation sector- the world’s second-biggest fossil fuel consumer and Co2 emitter has now understood that the shift is inevitable and going electric is now the new trend that’s slowly sweeping across every country.

Realizing the shift, every single automobile-maker is now bringing out their version of electric vehicles.

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But some companies are born with the sole idea of eco-friendly transportation like Tesla – are already on the fast track to accepting the global challenge and making it a reality.

Top companies are coming up with their own version of electric cars to ramp-up the competition. Well, the competition has just got a new rookie. Aptera’s Solar electric car…

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Aptera revealed its 1st ‘never charge’ solar electric car…

Aptera Motors has revealed its first of a kind solar electric car that has a maximum range of a thousand miles on a full charge of its battery that has a capacity of 100k Wh.

According to the company, this new solar electric car can power itself for a 45-mile-range run every day using its solar roof array when parked in the sun which they say is enough for the daily run. But the user can juice it up for an extra 24 miles by integrating the solar arrays to the vehicle’s hood and rear hatch.

“With Apetra’s Never Charge technology, you are driven by the power of the sun, our built-in solar array keeps your battery pack topped off, and anywhere you want to go you just go,” said Chris Anthony, Co-founder of Aptera Motors in a press release.

This solar electric car is equipped to harvest sufficient sunlight to transverse 11,000 miles every year, the company claims.

The aerodynamic design of this solar-powered car has the lowest drag coefficient of just 0.13 (in comparison, Tesla’s Model 3’s drag efficiency is 0.23)

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Aptera Paradigm’s three-wheel drive model car reaches 60mph in just 3.5 seconds and the front-wheel-drive model can reach 60mph in 5.5 seconds.

The car can reach a top speed of 100+mph with an RPM limit. It has seating for two adults along with a pet (customizable).

Aptera Paradign and Paradign+ can now be pre-ordered right here for a refundable $100 deposit. The customers can choose between rangers of 250, 400, 600, or 1,000 with a customization option.

The pricing ranges between: $25,900 – $46,900+

These solar electric cars will be available to cruise on road in the mid-2021.

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