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It looks like the days of roads filled only with autonomous electric cars will be a reality. If you have seen the 2004’s Sci-fi movie I, Robot, then you must be familiar with how the future ride looks like. This thought pops up because every automobile company is now bringing out its own version of electric cars.

Recently, a self-driving startup, Zoox acquired by Amazon has unveiled Zoox electric car prototype.

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Zoox electric car by Amazon…

Zoox, a startup with the sole purpose of building autonomous electric cars was acquired by the e-commerce giant Amazon in June 2020.

And finally, with six long years of extreme development and experiment for the best version of EVs, the company has revealed its fully autonomous electric car, and it surely is a vehicle of the future.

The Zoox electric car is a fully autonomous four-wheeler with an all-electric propulsion system. The car can accommodate four people, but you cannot find a driver’s seat and it’s because there isn’t a steering wheel.

So, all the riders can do is just sit and enjoy the ride until they reach their destinations.

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The Zoox electric car is 3.63 meters long and the external appearance is similar to the other autonomous vehicles of different companies in the field.

The car has two rows of seats facing each other inwards with each row having two spacious bench-seats with cup holders and wireless charging ports. And when it comes to safety, the company stated that their electric vehicle is equipped with the first-of-its-kind airbag-system for each seat. The ceiling is designed to resemble the starred night-sky for the relaxing experience during the ride just like in some of the luxurious cars.

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The rider can interact with the car using the touch-screen provided for each seat or through their Zoox app.

Now with Amazon backing the company, this electric car will be sticking on to ride-sharing goals.

“Wire reinventing personal transportation. It’s always what we’ve been about,” Zoox CEO Aicha Evans stated in a Zoom interview. However, Zoox electric cars may also play a key role in Amazon logistics since it’s backed up by the world’s largest online retailer.

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It’s no surprise that the vehicle can drive both forward, backward, side to side since it’s the brainchild of six years of extreme research and development on “autonomous” capacity.
The company stated that this self-driving car is equipped to handle tight squeeze and “tricky u-turns.”

Zoox electric car has six LIDAR sensors, advanced motion sensors, and cameras to eliminate any blind spot for a safer driverless ride, the sensor system allows the car to spot objects from 150 meters away, the company stated.

According to Zoox, the Zoox electric car can reach a top speed of up to 75 mph which is the first of its kind in electric vehicles.

Its dual-battery system can juice the car for 16 hours of riding, the company claimed.

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The performance of Zoox electric cars is now being tested in San Fransisco and Las Vegas. The company is also testing its own autonomous technology with Toyota vehicles.

The company aims to make “Zoox” a common verb during the autonomous ride-hailing time just like now the word “ubering” is.

But you won’t be riding it anytime soon as it’s still in the testing phase. Most of the things about these EVs fit in to resemble the scene from I, Robot except one thing, the cars won’t be levitating off the ground anytime soon.

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