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Everything is shifting towards ‘sustainable energy’ including the world of automobiles.

CES 2020 was the perfect platform that revealed those game-changing innovations that will make our world a better place. 

‘CES 2020’ successfully concluded on 9th January in the sin city Las Vegas with a ton of advanced technologies unveiled that can change the world. Of all those game-changing technologies, there was one innovative technology that caught our eyes like nothing else.

The luxury car manufacturer Mercedes Benz’s trump card of the show.

Mercedes Benz “Vision AVTR”

Benz vision avtr

It’s a futuristic creature-car like no other. This car is the flag-bearer of the Mercedes Benz to show the world that it is preparing to leap from fossil fuel to the green-energy.

What is vision AVTR…?

‘Vision AVTR’ is a futuristic concept car by Mercedes Benz with a vision to create an eco-friendly transportation system that can co-exist along with the delicate balance of nature without disturbing it.

Mercedes Benz designed the car by collaborating with the makers of the legendary sci-fi movie Avatar. ‘Vision AVTR’ stands for Avatar as well as Advanced Vehicle Transformation.

According to the manufacturers, Vision AVTR is designed to ‘bond’ with the driver and act as one single organism and give a whole new level of futuristic driving experience, just like ‘Tsaheylu’ with the Na’vi people.

Special Features of Mercedes Benz ‘Vision AVTR’…

> The car is specially designed with 4 high-performance near-wheel-built electric motors that enable us to maneuver each wheel independently giving an option for the traditional 2-wheel-axial control (or) something more exciting and unique to experience.

Benz vision avtr wheels

> This is one of the coolest features, Vision AVTR’ can move by approximately 30° sideways like “crab movement”. This can be a life-saving feature in the squeezed parking spaces where the driver can move the car sideways out of the parked area hassle-free.

> The most exciting and the next-level feature of the car is that it doesn’t have a steering wheel, instead it uses bio-metrics to communicate with the driver and to control the car as it merges with the driver as one. It’s like sort of the ‘bonding’ in Avatar. The driver can control the car with just one hand using its futuristic sensor. And to control/select different functions, the driver has to simply raise the hand and the menu is projected on to the palm.

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Ola Källenius, CEO of Mercedes Benz said that with years of research on graphene-based organic cell chemistry Mercedes Benz has developed a revolutionary battery technology that removes the usage of rare, toxic metals which makes it 100% recyclable. It will be a milestone in the world of automobiles.

The battery will have a massive range of more than 700 km on a single charge and can be fully charged in under 15 minutes.

The really cool part is the interior of the car that looks like a cockpit of an advanced futuristic spaceship. It does not have any traditional control system like the steering wheel, clutch, gear, etc. Instead has the most advanced ‘central Console’ on which the driver has to place the hand.

Vision avtr central console

The whole car’s interior comes to life and recognizes the driver with its biometric sensor that is responsible to establish kind of a bond between the car and the driver.

The driver can control the car with nothing but the ‘central Console’ which is like one big joystick that fits in the palm. It is the brain of the car. The conventional dashboard is replaced by the next-gen curved display module that displays everything in and around the car while driving.

The complete interior is made of 100% vegan materials like the foot-rest is made from the massive root of a tree [Manufacturers claim that the root is carefully extracted from the tree without killing it].

The backside of Vision AVTR has 33 individual hatches that kinda resemble a ‘living organism’.

Vision avtr hatches

These hatches move and function according to the mood of the driver. If the driver wishes to speed up, the hatches will aerodynamically arch their backs for a smooth turbulence-free ride, and if the driver wants to stop the car, they tilt upwards and act as a single air-brake to cut the speed.

The tires have special indicators for charging, & changing directions. They are designed based on the ‘seeds from the tree of souls’ in ‘Avatar’.

This car is the definition of eco-friendly luxury in style. But sadly you will have to wait a little longer as the car won’t be available in the market any time sooner.

Innovation has led to revolutions since the dawn of civilization…

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