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The world’s tech giants are preparing their secret ingredients in their kitchen for the next big thing after the internet and smartphones, Augmented Reality (AR) which they believe will change the way we are interacting socially on the internet right now.

Just like in the Sci-fi movie Ready Player One where everything from a simple chat with a friend to taking on virtual adventures and shopping and gaming and finding a job happens on an advanced VR-AR platform called Oasis.

Ready Player OneWell, we may be getting closer to such reality as more and more tech companies are scheming and investing heavily in such projects.

Recently, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced his and the company’s vision as ‘Meta’ which will become the parent of everything Facebook’s handling right now and beyond to connect multiple virtual environments together.

Many experts believe that this Metaverse will be the next big thing after the internet which revolutionized the social interaction of the 21st century. In this Metaverse, the user will enter a 3D-virtual world of real-time where you can view your message not on the screen but around him/her, spend time with friends who will have their own avatars, watch movies together even when they are miles apart, attend calls with a holographic projection of the users, and more.

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But it’s not as easy as it sounds to make Metaverse a reality. In the next few years, Facebook will be pouring in billions of dollars on Metaverse for its development, research, and experiments.

The company is planning to hire 10,000 experts in the European Union for the task. Since it already has Oculus, the top virtual reality gear company under its wings, you might be thinking that it isn’t that difficult for the company to create Metaverse. But the challenge is anything but easy.

For such a massive breakthrough by Metaverse into the world of Augmented Reality, it needs a massive push in technological infrastructure. Today, while watching a movie on Hulu or Netflix, you might face a little buffering due to the overloaded bandwidth.

Even though if the problem can be solved with the emerging 5G technology, there arises the question of privacy as Facebook’s privacy policies were legally questioned recently. The companies must come up with a solution to tackle the adverse effect of the long usage of the VR gears.

If Metaverse does successfully make it, there will emerge tough competition from other giants like Amazon, Apple, Google, and many others.

Microsoft has already been working on AR technology called ‘Mesh’ which will be the core platform to integrate and converge all its existing virtual and physical technology, from Windows Operating System (OS), Xbox Gaming, Cloud, Teams, and Social Networks and many more, all under one Umbrella.

Zuckerberg stated that it is not possible to make Metaverse a reality without joining hands.

“The Metaverse is certainly not something that anyone company is going to build, but I think a big part of our next chapter is going to hopefully be contributing to building that in partnership with a lot of other companies and creators and developers,” Zuckerberg said in a report.

But the question is will this technology make the world a better place or make these big tech companies only more powerful?

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