Best VR Headsets :

Virtual reality is the latest trend in town as it opens a whole new world of visual experience, and the VR headsets are the super-advanced portal to the endless abyss of 3D visual reality.

VR headsets are designed to immerse you in the world of visual reality way beyond your expectations.

Best VR Headsets in the World

Samsung Gear VR :

Smartphones have become a part of our integral lives these days and are pretty much involved in almost every aspect of life. Keeping that in mind, Smartphone giant Samsung has unveiled an absolute cutting-edge piece of tech Samsung Gear VR to take the visual experience of the mobile phones to a whole new level.

Samsung gear vr experience

Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus definitely stands up to its reputation. Its exclusive design for mobile phones has made it the best in-store. It has a complete 360° immersive feature with the latest, wide 1010 field of view to completely immerse the user in the world of visual reality. The production house claims that this feature reduces the motion sickness.

Gear VR is upgraded with the latest ‘Social VR Party Service’ that allows the users to connect with friends to chat, watch movies, or play games from wherever they are in the world.

Its ergonomic and seamless design makes the Gear VR an exclusive wearable device.

Samsung gear vr

The device is hassle-free to use as it has no loose wires, no complicated setup, just snap your smartphone into it, and experience the seamless visual treat like never before making it one of the best VR Headsets in the world.

A tiny drawback of Samsung Gear VR is that it’s compatible only with Samsung phones [that makes Samsung users the luckiest souls…].

Click here to buy (US) – $279.49
Click here to buy (IN) – ₹16,999

Sony Playstation VR : 

PlayStation is the alpha of the gaming world. Game-play in PlayStation is a whole new chapter of experience. It gets even better when VR is introduced and the better only gets best with Sony PlayStation VR.

Sony, one of the biggest tech giants has unleashed the coolest PlayStation VR. It comes with 500 GB VR games as a bonus.

Playstation vr reality

Sony PlayStation VR is unique to gaming as it matches reality. The advanced VR display and seamless visuals make the user feel like he’s in the world of his preferred game [Just like the sci-fi movie Ready Player One or almost…].

It has an expansive 5.7 OLED 1080p HD display on which the visuals can be streamed up to 120 FPS.

It is equipped with 3D audio technology that enables the user to be immersed in surround sound along with built-in mic to open up for multiuser gaming experience. The user can interact, plot tactics with friends, and upgrade their fun experience to a whole new level.

Its sleek design makes Sony PlayStation VR lighter to notice while the user is experiencing a whole new level of gaming yet brilliantly built to be balanced, comfortable, and completely adjustable. 

Sony claims that the PlayStation VR [PS4] can be compatible with the new and latest console games like Beat Saver Farpoint, Doom VFR Firewall, Astra Bot Rescue Mission, Creed: Rise to Glory and many more which make PlayStation VR the mob of entertainment. 

It has dual-lens & 3D immersion sensors. The controller & DUALSHOCK 4 light bar move along with the user’s movement ensuring the user is the epicenter in the universe of visual gaming.

Playstation vr

Exclusively built for pinpoint accuracy, 9 LEDs are perfectly positioned on the front, back and sides of the PS VR Headset to ensure 100% perfect accuracy.

All these make the Sony PlayStation VR a customized heart of gamers and one of the best VR Headsets.

Click here to buy (US) – $349.00
Click here to buy (IN) – ₹26,990

Oculus Rift :

PC gaming is good but it gets better when virtual reality is fused with it.

Oculus, the actual stone-cold killer of the gaming world has revealed its ultimate futuristic weapon “Oculus Rift PC VR.”

Oculus rift

Only the true PC Gamers embrace its performance. It makes an amateur player look like a pro with never-like-before gaming experience.

The Oculus Rift PC VR promises to enhance your PC gaming experience only a 100x more with its powerful performance. It creates an unparalleled seamless graphical fidelity with its groundbreaking Asynchronous Space Warp [ASW] technology.

It has a binary OLED display with a resolution of 1080p, which is way more than satisfying.

The user would be unaware of its presence while he’s immersed in the game as it’s designed to perfectly fit the user’s comfort. Its controller is titled as the best VR controller by Audionic.

Oculus rift gaming experience

The accuracy of the Rift VR is unparalleled like any other in the world of PC gaming with it’s improved optics, ergonomic design, and touch controller.

To experience the ground performance of the truly best VR Headsets ‘Oculus Rift PCVR’, your PC must have these minimum specs at least.

Minimum Requirements :

> Memory: 8GB+RAM
> CPU: Intel i3-6100 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200, FX4350 (or) Higher
> USB Ports: 1xUSB 3.0 Port, Plus 2xUSB 2.0 Ports
> Graphics Cards: NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti / AMD Radeon R9 290 (or) Greater
> Videos Output: Compatible HDMI 1.3 Video Output

Click here to buy (US) – $995.80
Click here to buy (IN) – ₹56,970

If you are a PC gamer, don’t miss your key to unlock a whole new world of gaming experience.

VR headsets are the portal to the future of the gaming world. I hope you are ready to take your gaming skills to a whole new level with the true experience of virtual reality.

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