Squid Game :

Since the curse of the pandemic began, OTT platforms started booming like never before.

Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, and many other streaming platforms witnessed a massive spike in viewers and subscribers, demanding more and more entertaining content, throwing a serious challenge for these OTT platforms to quench viewers’ thirst.

But the entertainment industry has always been unpredictable even to the big experts in the field to predict what works and what won’t.

Sometimes the most expected movie might go quiet while the least expected ones make a big roar in the box office collection.

And that is what happened with Netflix’s one decision it will never regret, buying Squid Game, the South Korean dystopian drama series that is now shattering every previous show’s records.

Squid GameImage credit: Netflix Inc

That’s right, Squid Game with its huge freshly-grown fanbase of a whopping 111 million viewers in just 27 days and counting, this series is now Netflix’s biggest success of all time.

According to Bloomberg’s report, Netflix has made mind-blowing $900 million since its release on September 17.

Squid Game has been watched at least for two minutes by 132 million people around the world, shattering the previous record that was set by Netflix’s hit show Bridgerton.

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Squid Game with a total budget of just $21.4 million for the production of its 9 episodes has managed to amass $891.1 million on the streaming platform. Experts say it’s not too far from reaching the billion dollars club.

Squid Game is about South Korea’s most impoverished section of the society those who are in desperate need of money, buried in debt, fight to survive a killer gamer based on South Korea’s traditional children’s games to win 45.6 billion won ($38 million) somewhere in a secret location. And the losers are punished by death.

The fusion of this harmless traditional childhood game with the sinister plot has succeeded in wooing viewers around the world. Squid Game stood no. 1 on Netflix in 90 countries.

Although it’s a massive success now, this wasn’t the case when it was first written 10 years ago. Squid Game was rejected by many studios in the past 10 years until Hwang Dong-hyuk, the writer and director of Squid Game decided to do it on his own, later it was scooped by Netflix Inc.

Dong-hyuk had to sell his laptop in order to survive the 2008-crisis (he was more or less the game’s contestant in real life at that time).

Well, like the great guys say tough times won’t last forever. Dong-hyuk is now reaping the fruit of his struggle.


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