Golden PlayStation 5 :

If you are a fan of the most elusive and expensive products, then this is for you. But the question is, can you really afford it?

As soon as the Sony PlayStation 5 was released on November 12, 2020, they were sold out like hot dogs and were out of stock real soon. With a price tag of $500, it surely was an irresistible offer for gamers like you and me.

But gamers, hold on to your heart because a gaming console you’re about to see is the most elusive and expensive in the world.

The Golden PlayStation 5 :

Caviar, the Russian brand of exclusive high-end accessories upgraded the $500 PlayStation into the most expensive gaming console in history.

Caviar is well-known for merchandising highly expensive accessories and gadgets. And that is what is done with the PS5.

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Sony PlayStation 5 having the regular One TB storage capacity, ray-tracing support, and up to 3k resolution. Its exterior body-case was stripped and upgraded with over 20 kilos of 18-Carat gold plating body.

This insanely expensive model is named as “Golden Rock PlayStation 5.”
20 kilos of gold is a serious amount of weight. As of now, one kilo of 18k gold is somewhere around $45,000.

The price of this Golden PlayStation 5 hasn’t revealed by the company.

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But it can surely be priced over one million dollars (₹7,00,00,000). Even the controller of this Golden Playstation 5 is etched with gold with the company’s name “Caviar” imprinted on them.

The design for its gold-crusted body was inspired by the symmetry of the outlines of a rock and the gold ore, hence the name “Golden Rock” according to the company.

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With all that shiny yellow metal just waiting to sit in a living room, it’s definitely not for the regular gamers like you and me who are more than blessed to have the regular PlayStation 5 for a whole new level of gaming experience.

But if you are a rich gamer waiting to have a crown jewel among your gadget collection, I think you got a chance to have it.

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But this Golden PlayStation 5 is the only one of its kind and a millionaire or a billionaire who’s planning to buy it will have to personally contact the company for the next step.

The company also stated that the controller has crocodile leathers on the grips which is a big no-no for animal lovers.

Whatever it is, we regulars are happy to have the $500 PS5 in our homes.

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