Holi 2020 :

Holi is one of the most spectacular and vibrant festivals celebrated in the world.

HOLIHappiest Occasion for the Loveliest Illumination of colorful life.

Even though most of the countries around the world celebrate ‘Holi’ these days, there’s one destination that no other place can beat its magnificent vibrancy of this colorful festival. Incredible India, the land of diversity is also the birthplace of this spectacular celebration.

Interesting fact: Holi has an ancient beginning in India. It’s celebrated to rejoice the victory of good over evil.

It’s a celebration like no other. The celebration of Holi 2020 is on the 9th and 10th of March that begins on the evening of the Full-Moon day in the name Holika Dahan and is known by different names in different parts of the country.

This colorful celebration kick-starts only after lighting up the bonfire traditionally in Indian style. And as soon as the gigantic bonfire’s lit, there’s no stopping the bombardment of colors on each other.

Holi 2020

The birthplace of this festival ‘India’ is where you should be on 9th & 10th March to experience this ultimate fun. Unfortunately, you cannot be in all the places at once. So just make it to the Mumbai Holi Celebration, the capital of the most vibrant celebrations in India.

It’s an Indian city that never sleeps. The city is filled with raw pulsating energy to party with Bollywood celebrities, pumped-up music, and strangers who become your party-buddies.

People from around the world flock here to have their experience of a lifetime that makes them forget the barriers of negativity and limited fun.

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Mumbai Holi 2020 Celebration is one of the world’s biggest celebrations that cherish universal love to each other.

It’s just pure happiness, happiness, and happiness in the midst of awesome music, splashing colors, adrenaline-pumping activities, parties, and celebration. Everything comes in an extra-dose.

The dazzling spectacular bright colors used for the celebration are to depict the beautiful colors worn by mother nature. The fun in pranking your families, friends or anybody with the colors is one of the many good things to be enjoyed in Holi 2020.

Holi 2020 celebrationImage source: Wikimedia

The Holi Celebration knows no age boundaries. From the youngest kid to the oldest grandpa are destined to have their part of the fun with big smiles on everybody’s face.

At first, it feels like it’s a normal party just like any other, but once the splash of bright colors touches your skin, the real celebrating vibe of Holi 2020 begins with bursting colors in the sky, splashing colors on others, cheering voices everywhere, enthusiastic music, and friendly strangers to share your excitement, it’ll be a whole new colourfull world. And the celebrations hit a whole new level when it’s spiced up with the cool DJ Music…

That’s right… you will be witnessing some of the world’s top DJs enjoying and performing their art of celebrations in Holi 2020. It’s all getting prepped to get real cranky, cool and awesome.

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5 Best Places to Celebrate Holi 2020 in Mumbai :

> Dahance Chiku Farm
> The Country Club, Andheri
> Gorai Beach, Borivali
> Kalamb Beach
> Marine Drive Beach

There are many more places where you can just forget everything and become a party-animal. Every single street and corner is glamming up to resonate with the colors of Holi 2020.

Most of the parties and celebrations only touch your heart and only a few touch your soul. Have no doubt, this will definitely be a celebration that touches your heart and soul. Make sure to be there to feel what it actually is.

Holi 2020 is awaiting you…

And I suggest you have an eco-friendly celebration because it’s all about ‘Mother Nature.’


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