Halloween 2019 :

It’s time to get scary…

The nights of evil is upon us. The Plague of the Undead, Vampires, Zombies, Mummies, Frankenstein Monsters, and Scary beasts is spreading to walk among us.

Get ready to face your greatest horrors on the streets with adrenaline-pumping fun and spooky entertainment.

Halloween 2019
31st October

Even though its rooted history is 2000 years old when it 1st began as a religious ritual of the Celtic festival Samhain when people lit huge bonfires and wore scary costumes to ward off ghosts, Halloween has grown to become one of the world’s most favorite celebrations [I bet it’s your favorite too]. Well, it should be as its quite unique unlike any other.

The kind of festive vibes with a sprinkle of fear and excitement is a feel exclusive to Halloween. Exchanging and sharing candies, joy, and delicacy of the celebration.

It’s a celebration for everyone trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, festive gathers, donning costumes, eating sweet treats, and all the delicacies you can possibly lay your hands-on…

Although the actual Halloween day is on 31st October. The Pre-Halloween celebration has already kick-started all over the world. And you cannot possibly resist but just love it and go with the flow.

If you are wondering where and how to celebrate your Halloween, think not… no place is better than your neighborhood to celebrate the Halloween season with your friends, families, and next door friendly neighbors.

But if you are a wanderer and wish to go out to see the world of celebration and be a part of it… these are the places you don’t wanna miss.

Best Cities to Celebrate this Halloween 2019 Season

1. New York City

The city of skyscrapers. An organic city where diverse cultures co-exist. A city that never sleeps. Nothing can ever match what New York has in its own swag.

When it comes to fun… Halloween is no exception as most of the horror movies have already created the spookiest image on New York nights. Streets gushing with busy people will turn into a zombie Apocalypse on Halloween season.

Halloween celebration in new york city

Look out for the best Halloween experience in a city that never sleeps and won’t let you sleep either…

From real hauntings to chewing on some of the tastiest skull gums. And don’t worry, there are tons of not-so-scary entertainments and amusements for little ones too (and also to someone who’s too scared).

Don’t miss the most famous New York city’s 46th Annual Village Halloween Parade where thousands gather to celebrate and share a ton of fun…

Check out the spooky events of New York’s Halloween

2. Salem, Massachusetts :

The land that was infamously known for  WITCHCRAFT in the 17th century. The ancient rituals, witch trials of 1692. The place that attracts thrill-seekers from around the world, ‘Salem’, Massachusetts.

It’s popularly known as “Witch City” where wicked witches, spooky monsters await your presence. The coastal city was notoriously known for Blackmagic, witchcraft.

Well, I think I did scare you… didn’t I…?

This is the place to feel the ancient history with modern celebration. It has everything to scare the hell out of you… from real haunted houses to the most imaginary monster you’ll ever see.

The grand and fun-filled Halloween events resurrect with a grand parade in early October and will come to its spooky demise on October’s end with a spectacular fireworks display over Salem Harbor on Halloween night, saying goodbye to your scary friends.

You are in for one big treat of your lifetime this Halloween season.

> Halloween themed parks.
> Carnival rides.
> Costume donning.
> Haunted attractions for thrill-seekers.
> Psychic fairs and much more than anything you can imagine.

Check out the scary event’s happenings of Halloween 2019…

3. Las Vegas :

Vegas is known as the ‘Sin City’ of the United States. It is a true oasis of the desert for unlimited fun and enjoyment.

The celebration in Vegas is pretty much throughout a year. But when it comes to Halloween season, a whole new trend of celebration is born. And Halloween 2019 is nearing to do just that. But its exclusively for adults-only kind of a celebration. Make sure you have your friends to see it and feel it to the fullest.

Adrenaline pumping music, cool moves and party time is all part of Vegas awesome celebrations. Costume parties are more fun than you can possibly imagine. Days are cool but the nights are the coolest as the whole Halloween theme comes to life.

Click here to make sure you don’t miss Halloween in Las Vegas at all…

4. New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival, Keene :

One of the biggest Pumpkin festivals in the world featuring over 3000 jack-o’-lanterns. Every single one will have his/her pumpkin share of celebration, fun, entertainment, and much more.

Halloween 2019 jack-o-lantern

Halloween 2019 season is filled with all the exciting, scary and good stuff to talk about. Dance Performance, Spooky Themed Music Concerts, Pumpkin Games, Pumpkin Bowling you name it… All you have to do is be there to feast em all for yourself.

Click here to know more about Scary Pumpkin

5. Screams Halloween Theme park, Dallas TX :

This is the spookiest, scariest, and also the largest Halloween theme park in the U.S. Entering it gives you more than just goosebumps… If you are hunting for the truly scary and spooky Halloween experience, look no further, Screams Halloween Theme Park is one monster pack of everything only if you have what it takes to have it.

5 Haunted Houses you’d die to get away from :

> Zombie Wasteland
> The Witches of Terra Mythica
> Captain Barbosa’s Blood Harbour
> Hotel D’Feers
> PT Harmum’s Carnival of Chaos

Dare to enter these houses… shall not return… [haha…]

Do this to be worthy of screams park :

> No pets or animals are allowed inside the park.
> No outside food or drink is allowed in the park as there is already a buffet of evil food.
> No costumes or masks may be worn inside the Screams Park [the zombies need to see you in flesh].
> No flash photography (or) videography is allowed inside [because the zombies are drawn to light flashes].

If you still like to undertake these dreadful adventures, you have got some serious b****.

Click here to be there at Screams Park

6. West Hollywood Halloween Carnival :

Let’s call it WHHC, in short, you know the name’s too long. WHHC is one of the largest Halloween parties not just in the U.S. but in the whole wide world.

Halloween carnival in hollywood

> The carnival is exclusively for the costume donning enthusiasts who are eager to take a form of a zombie (or) a monster of their favorite.
> No matter whatever comes in short in WHHC but fun pumping music just floods the streets with energetic monsters.
> If you are lucky you might even come face to face to a celebrity as the celebrities too take part in it.

Note: Costume and drinking contests will be in every street you know.

Click here to get into Halloween 2019 Carnival

7. New Orleans :

What more can I say as it’s already well known for its celebration and party. Some might think that it’s only for the kids, think again… The streets are not what it used to be. Every resident of the street turned into your worst nightmare… haunted houses to freak you out.

Tour into one of those haunted houses to feel your heartbeat faster than ever before [snap out of it… there’s still much to celebrate… pal].

Scary Fact: New Orleans is known as ‘The Most Haunted City in America’… Did this scare you…?

Well, loosen up… it has some of the best Music Concerts, Haunted Tours, Voodoo Shops and Costume Shops to raid on. New Orleans Halloween Parade is on 20th October, don’t miss it…

Click here to know more about the New Orleans Halloween

8. Disney World, Orlando

Last but not least, Disney world…

It’s a 100% family-friendly destination for this Halloween season. The whole Disney park transforms into an evil spell cast world. Every single soul you see will costume don in the park. This is the place where you see little Draculas, little Zombies and cute little Monsters.

Disney world releases the monsters that haven’t been released for the rest of the year’s time. Children will love Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party of the season.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

These are the best places to travel and enjoy your Halloween season of 2019 to the fullest.

Let us know if you visit any of these destinations for Halloween. And remember, if you’re planning on buying travel insurance for your trip, it won’t cover you if you get drunk, so use your best judgment [but have fun].

Bonus: Visit the Historic Hudson Valley of the Headless Horseman to go back in time.

Top 20 Scary Movies to Spice up Your Halloween Spirit :

> The Exorcist
> The Ring
> The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
> The Evil Dead Series
> Wrong Turn Series
> Drag me to Hell
> Insidious [All Chapters]
> Paranormal Activity [All Parts]
> Saw Series
> Halloween Series
> Zombieland
> The Nun
> It 1&2
> A Nightmare on Elm Street
> The Babadook
> Poltergeist
> The Conjuring Series
> Annabelle
> Oculus
> Mirrors

I’m betting you aren’t too scared to watch it. Besides… it’s Halloween…the time to celebrate your fear.

Best Halloween Costume ideas :

Dress as scary as possible and give your friend a heart-attack, celebrate your every moment to the fullest… Feel free to share your scary and spooky suggestions below…

Happy Halloween…


Clotee · October 18, 2019 at 19:22

Happy Halloween 2019. Hope this year will be great for Halloween celebration.

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