Best Things To Gift A Travel Obsessed Family : 


If you are sensing trouble at selecting gifts to your family while you are traveling (or) any of your family members love traveling. We can recommend a few for you… my friend…

And the decision is purely yours to choose by the end.

Most of the people get the word ‘Expensive’ as soon as they get the idea of ‘Gifting’ in their mind.

Well, that’s a wrong perspective about Gifting. The best things to gift isn’t about the hot price tag of what you gift. Most of the people get this wrong but has been universally accepted.

Even I would be crazily happy if someone gifted me Lamborghini but then I would definitely be blinded by the value of the product to see the inner value of the person who gifted it.

The point is… Gifts truly aren’t about the price tag, so stop worrying about gifting an expensive gift to your beloved ones. If you continue trying to gift expensive gifts even when you don’t have the money you’re gonna have to loot a bank the coming year to fetch what your beloved ones will ask you the next time.

Gifting is about solving the problem (or) comforting with what you can happily afford. It’s about the happiness of both you and the one who’s gifted. So here are a few things that can be gifted to your beloved ones. And these gifts will sure do remind them of you whenever they use it.

Smart Music Flower Pot :

One of the best gift under budget for home decor. It’s an Egg shell-shaped lovely looking Smart Music Flower Pot. It’s best not just in look wise but also has 3 cool functions.

Star music flower pot

> One – It’s a cool Bluetooth speaker. So he/she can listen to the music along with the Plant [haha…].
> Two – It can be used as a night lamp with multiple colors which makes the bed look more decorative.
> Three – It’s the main purpose of the device, grow a plant as its basically a ‘Smart Music Flower Pot’.

Special Feature: The pot has a special touch sensor, when a plant is planted in the pot and you touch the plant each time it resonates the sound of Piano keys [I think your beloved one will be thrilled with this feature because it’s like the plant is actually singing to him/her when it’s touched].

Smart Music Flower Pot is the best gift for a person who loves Nature and Music. It reminds them of you whenever you are on the go, roaming the world.

Click here to see it and own it…

Music Flower Pot – $7.70 [₹549]

LED Flashlight Umbrella :

“One dark rainy night feeling unsafe to walk home alone. She was feeling your presence even though you weren’t there to make her feel safe with something in hand that made her feel safe which reminded her of you that protects her from the grasp of the rain and paved way in the Darkness”.

Well, this is what every man wants his girl to think in such a situation. And with the ‘Star Wars’ inspired ‘LED Flash Light Umbrella’, this might come true.

Led flashlight umbrella

> You know, the ‘Umbrella’ is pretty cool.
> It’s made of high-quality waterproof fabric that can endure the worst of the weather.
> It looks stunningly neat and beautiful when its held in the hands of your beloved ones. And the special feature of it is that it’s equipped with ‘LED Flash Light’ at the bottom of the handle.
> It very much comes in handy when it’s dark (or) walking alone on a rainy night…
> You won’t get lost in the dark because, with the LED Flash Light, the person holding it can be easily spotted.

It’s like a night protection feature. ‘LED Flash Light Umbrella’ is the best gift to someone you care the most.

Click here to make it a pleasent gift…

LED Flashlight Umbrella – $19.60 [₹1,399]

Cosmic Bytes C1070T Interstellar Wired Gamepad :

This one’s definitely for the one who loves gaming… I bet they are gonna be in awe… when they see it in their gift box. Because this gaming controller can be supported for PC, Play-station, and Smartphones too. It’s kinda like a master key to 3 locks.

Cosmic bytes C1070t interstellar wired gamepad

> Its a wired controller with a Plastic Rubberized Texture.
> It’s one of the best controllers with vast features.
> I think the gamer [you little brother, sister or anyone who plays better than you in your family] understands and knows about it very well [no offense… alright].

Just gift it, and check out their reaction towards it.

Click here to make the little gamer happy…

Cosmic Bytes C1070T – $12.64 [₹899]

Camper Cutlery Folding Utensils 6-in-1 Tool [CCFUT] :

This can be one of the best gifts to the one who loves traveling (or) outdoor Camping, Trekking, etc.

CCFUT is one small tool that has many uses. It has everything a traveler can possibly want in a mobile dining set in one handy tool.

Camper cutlery folding utensils tool

This single tool holds 6 different Tools in it…

> A Folding Knife.
> A Foldable Fork.
> A Foldable Spoon.
> A Cork Screw.
> A Can/Bottle Opener.
> A Skewer.

And it’s very light to carry which means a lot to a Back-Packer.

> It weighs just 128 grams.
> It’s made of high quality, durable stainless steel.
> Multi-function Cutlery in a pair.
> The Cutlery can be used individually (or) easily taken apart in two parts with different integrated functions.

It is best suitable for Barbecue lovers, Students, Scouts, Travelers, Campers, Adventurers, Office Workers. They would love it when you gift it for their traveling (or) camping (or) any other adventurous days.

Click here to order it now…

Camper Cutlery Folding Utensils – $14.96 [₹1,138]

And last but not least…

HP Sprocket Photo Printer :

This is gonna be a surprise for the gadget lover. A printer that can fit in a pocket… How cool is that… It can totally be controlled with the HP Sprocket App. It is supported in both iOS and Android. It’s perfectly portable.

The picture can be customized by adding a personal touch to it before printing out with HP Sprocket.

Hp sprocket photo printer

The picture is printed on the ‘Sticky Back Papers’, which technically means you are making your stickers on your own [your Personal Customized Stickers]. Pictures can be customized with Frames, Emojis, Text, Stickers, Filters, and more.

Well, the technology is the latest and you don’t have to worry about filling it with Ink because it uses ‘Zink’ Technology [Just don’t gift it to your teenage relative… haha… just kiddin].

Gift it, they’ll love it…

Click here to take a look at it in depth…

HP Sprocket Photo Printer $46.32 [₹3,295]

Remember Gifts are something that should remind him/her of you with it’s best use. And don’t forget, the best gift to anyone who loves you more than themselves in the whole world is ‘you’.

You staying in their life is the best ‘Gift’ you can possibly give…

Have a happy day…


Bharati Mahli · August 17, 2019 at 13:30

All the five ideas were amazing… I personally loved the idea of giving the HP Sprocket Photo Printer… thanks for the cool suggestions…🤗

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