New Year 2020 :

2019 is all wrapping up, it was a blast to some people and ice-cold to few.

Well, whatever your 2019 was, get ready to have a spectacular 2020. The whole world is gearing up to welcome 2020 like never before and I bet you are one of those awaiting souls too.

The countdown has started as the ‘New Year’ is just around the corner. It’s party time in every corner of the streets. If you are planning to celebrate and welcome the ‘new year’ in your street, that’s so cool having a fun-filled neighborhood for partying. But if you are looking to be a part of the monstrous celebrations across the world, here are some of the best and most spectacular places that are known to welcome ‘New Year’ like nowhere else.

Best Places to Celebrate New Year 2020 :

London, England :

The beautiful and the largest city of England is all getting ready to welcome the ‘New Year 2020’ in its unique style.

The sky will explode with the most spectacular light shows in the world which are later accompanied by cool music, dance, and party all night long. Hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, and clubs of London will be up the whole night to satisfy the fun-seeking souls on its streets.

Image source: Flickr

The ‘Light Show’ will strikingly light up the clear dark sky of the night, its the show-stopper of London New year’s eve celebration. The majestic Buckingham Palace will be the bride of London’s celebration with its sparkling illumination that intensifies the spark of the joyous night.

The New year’s eve is spiced up with adrenaline-pumping music-concerts that will resonate throughout the night. You can even enjoy a nice cruise on the River Thames for an extra fun (or) skate in an ice-ring to let out the kid in you.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil :

Rio de Janerio, the samba-land of South America is one of the best places to let lose the party-animal inside you.

You might actually have an idea of what Brazilian celebrations look like if you have seen the famous animated movie Rio where the birds have an adventure of a lifetime in ‘Rio-style’.

Rio’s New year celebration attracts millions of people from around the world each year. The kind of party-vibes you get here during celebrations cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Rio de janeiro new yearImage source: Wikimedia

Copacabana, a 4-kilometer long beach is the hotspot of Rio’s New year 2020 celebrations with the biggest music concert performed by the world-famous DJ’s (Ferrugem, Diogo Nogueria, and Marlboro) and hosting the spectacular light shows of the city.

Floating candles honoring the Goddess of water, Nemanja, will be a breathtaking view that cannot be missed. Every corner of Rio will be filled with full of zeal to joyously welcome 2020.

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These are the recommended traditional Brazilian dress colors for the new year’s eve.

> White – Peace
> Orange – Energy
> Gold or Yellow – Money
> Blue – Health
> Pink – Love
> Red – Passion
> Green – Hope

Cape Town, South Africa :

Celebrate and welcome 2020 in the land of our ancestors in the most lavishing style.

Cape Town is one of the most celebrated coastal destinations in the world. It is the place where the ancient history of Africa meets modern culture. Rejoice your moment in presence of the great and majestic Table Mountain that reflects the magnificence of South Africa.

Cape town new yearImage source: Flickr

Cape Town is cool in normal days but cooler on New year’s eve with the best music concerts held in the foot side of the scenic Table Mountian. Celebratory events, dazzling parties, striking fireworks that will illuminate the dark night sky, delicious dinners, ocean cruises at night are just too good to resist. Musical and fun-pumping events with local touch will just spice up the eve even more.

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Dubai, UAE :

Dubai, a true oasis in the middle of the desert. It is a luxurious destination for those who are planning to celebrate the ‘New Year 2020’ sultan-style.

Dubai is a burst of grandeur with the most amazing man-made structures on the smooth sand.

Dubai new yearImage source: Flickr

The humongous and striking fireworks and light shows at the world-famous structures like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and the stunning Palm Island is truly out of the world experience that should be savored at least once in your lifetime. And numerous structures with the most amazing rooftop parties cannot be missed if you are a party-animal.

Welcome the new year 2020 in a luxurious yacht in the calm waters or have the thrilling overnight desert safaris in the most exotic style. This will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience you can never forget.

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Bangkok, Thailand :

Bangkok, the capital of raw fun and enjoyment is the place you wanna be if you are planning to celebrate ‘The new year 2020’ in the most adrenaline-pumping style for a decent budget.

Bangkok is a haven for man-made beauty and fun. Especially this is a paradise for backpackers who are constantly on the move.

A massive crowd gathering outside the central world shopping mall for the countdown cannot be missed to soak into the moment of excitement when its just minutes to ‘New year’.

Bangkok new yearImage source: Wikimedia

And the countdown is spiced up with live entertainments hosted by hot DJs and live bands. If you are longing for some cool-mix of local Asian music then Royal City Avenue is the place you wanna be, it’s built for the fun-filled nightlife.

Rooftop celebration in Bangkok is some of the best memories you don’t wanna forget. And classical fireworks are some of the best light shows in the world. It will be a sleepless night once you visit it by yourself.

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These are some of the most extraordinary places to celebrate and welcome ‘The new year 2020’ with an everlasting memory of fun and excitement.

At last, the choice is all yours to decide the kind of celebration you want to have as the best memory of all to start your amazing year.

Happy New Year 2020


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