Best Travel Tips For Healthy Traveling : 


You are here because you either had a chaotic travel experience due to an unhealthy way of travel practice (or) you just chose to travel healthy [If this is your intention, I highly appreciate that].

Firstly, to have the best travel experience no matter wherever in the world you are from… you need to have good health.

> Precious time to yourself.
> Mental and physical fitness.
> Peace of mind.

[Ofcourse your money, passport, visa, etc are important too but only second to your health].

Your whole traveling would be a total waste if you aren’t in shape to savor it. No matter how much you spend to reach your favorite destination, if you don’t have good health to enjoy it, it’s just not worth it.

Follow these best travel tips to make your traveling the best experience like never before…

> Good relaxed sleep.
> Never skip a meal.
> Eat healthy food.
> Try vegan.
> Eat more fruits and veggies.
> Stay hydrated.
> Walk as much as possible.
> Exercise daily.
> Practice relaxed breathing.
> Practice body stretching.
> Avoid intense alcohol and sweet beverages.
> Have an organized and paced trip.
> Stay away from the digital world.
> Protect your skin.
> Pack light.
> Alone time to yourself.
> Open your mind and heart to travel.

Good Relaxed Sleep :

Sleep is as important as breathing to your body. Good relaxed sleep is the main source to get energized as it helps to reset your body clock. Sleep is the best way to super relax not just your body but the mind too.

Sleeping peacefully on bed

Traveling sometimes becomes difficult on your body if stress is beyond the roof, it becomes even more difficult when you don’t get enough sleep. So, get a good long sleep.

If you are deprived of sleep (or) can’t sleep even when you want to…

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Good, long relaxed sleep is one of the most important and best travel tips to follow.

Never Skip a Meal :

This is a very important tip among the best travel tips you should never underestimate. For some people, most of the traveling part will end up in a hurry.

> Packing in a hurry.
> Booking in a hurry.
> Leaving in a hurry.

And ‘skipping a meal’ in a hurry [I bet you aren’t one of those time travelers]. They do it like “the world is about to end”.

Well, that is really bad at all times as it immensely drains the body and affects your digestive system. To have a happy and healthy day, never skip a meal. Just have it, no matters what…

Never skip a meal while traveling

And switch off your overworking brain for a minute to savor whatever you are having.
> It boosts your day by 25%.

These factors make it to be on the list of the best travel tips you need to follow to have a spectacular travel experience.

Eat healthy food :

How can ‘eating healthy food‘ be forgotten in the list of the best travel tips to stay healthy while traveling…?

Don’t just always eat for the sake of your tongue [taste] wherever you go. “Everything tasty is not always healthy and everything healthy isn’t always tasty”.

I need you to keep that in mind as most of us tend to listen to our taste buds more often and forget the nutritional needs of our bodies. Unhealthy food might sometimes spoil your beautiful occasion just because you were careless with what you were consuming.

Eating healthy food

> Healthy food is very much required for the proper functioning of both body and soul.
> Eat food that has most of the essential nutrients rather than the junk that only serves your ‘taste-buds’ [Please do avoid consuming it more often].
> Unhealthy food may cause problems like Diarrhea, Sickness, Vomiting, Stomach ache which will be a totally messed up day.

TIP: Try to make your own food if possible (or) visit the most trusted food chain around you.

Go Vegan :

It’s quite difficult for meat lovers but it isn’t impossible. Try to be a herbivore at least until you return back home because it’s been scientifically proved that the vegan dishes/recipes pack more diverse nutritional value than the non-vegetarians dishes.

And there are chances of getting infected by the local disease that can be transmitted through the meat. So, the choice is yours. But I recommend to go vegan (or) visit the most trusted food chain.

Eat More Fruits and Veggies :

Raw fruits and vegetables are nature’s natural energy boosters.

Myth: Fruits are nothing but just a form of Sugar.
Fact: Fruits are the best source of essential nutrients.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Well, the advantage of having fruits and veggies is you can have them whenever you want. While walking, sitting, filming, having fun (or) waiting in line, its all yours to choose.

> Fruits and veggies are a must to travel healthy.

Stay Hydrated :

Hydrating your body is one of the very important and best travel advice you definitely need to follow.

Our body contains 50-60% of water and dehydrating is one of the dangerous causes of serious problems. Dehydration is dangerous than starvation. So hydrating yourself is a must.

> Have a bottle of water whenever you are on the go.
> It’d be good to have a pack of hydrating minerals alongside.

Stay hydrated by drinking water

Walk as Much as Possible :

This is one of the easiest yet most neglected tips in the list of the ‘best travel tips. ‘Walking is the foremost and basic exercise for the body.

> Stop using transportation to the nearest possible places [Please don’t insult our very old ancestors of stone age who used to walk 100’s of miles].
> Walking has benefits, it’s an exercise to your body as you reach your destination and it saves some of your money too. 

Exercise Daily :

If you really wanna stay in shape during travel, have a basic routine of exercise every day so that you don’t look like ‘Uncle Ben’ when you return.

Exercise daily

> It not only keeps you fit and in shape but also boosts your Spirit level and energy for the day.

‘Daily exercise’ is an effective travel tip that you must regularly follow.

Practice Relaxed Breathing :

It’s the simplest of the simplest but one of the most effective thing in the list of the ‘best travel tips’ for healthy traveling.

> ‘Relaxed breathing’ is a process of controlled inhalation and exhalation of air with your lungs. It reduces the level of anxiety by up to 60%.
> It keeps your anxiety, stress, tensions at bay.

Just practice it, it’s kind of a ‘Travel Yoga’.

Body Stretching :

This is a basic of the basic healthy travel tips but one of the most effective things that relax your muscles.

[Why do you think your dog, cat (or) any of your pet does it… It’s because they know the importance of stretching better than you do…]

> Stretching helps in relaxing the controlled muscles.
> It frees the muscles from previous work tension. Try it… you’ll get addicted.

Avoid Intense Alcohol and Sweet Beverages :

You definitely need to put a lid on your limit to have a problem-free trip.

No alcohol while traveling

> Because the consequences of over alcohol and sweet beverage consumption are really really bad.
> You’ll lose control of the situation if it’s too much.

Have an Organized and Paced Trip :

People fail to do it by thinking that it’s gonna be like ‘hangover’, but what they don’t realize is that it’s anything but cool, it’s gonna be a ‘real pain in ass’.

> Getting yourself organized and paced would reduce 50% of your tension and stress level.

Plot your plan and act accordingly.

Stay Away From the Digital World :

Well, I think this is the most difficult task for today’s generation, but do it. You are gonna see and feel a whole new world out there.

Less usage of gadgets

> Enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Nature.
> Soak yourself in the moment, try to bond with mother nature which’s long forgotten by you.
> Feel and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the place to the fullest.

Protect Your Skin :

You definitely should never forget this (or) you are gonna regret it later.

> First, know the geography of the place before you go. Some places are hot, some are cold, some are wet and all these places will have insects for sure [So insect repellent, sunscreen, moisturizer, lip balm should be a must packing items on your list]. And to the ladies, I guess this is the most important and most prioritized tip in the list of the ‘best travel tips.’

Pack Light :

I know it’s gonna be difficult for ladies. [Some ladies pack their luggage like they are leaving the country forever…]

> But know this secret, “Pack Light, Happy Flight”.
> Too much of bagge only cause misery to your travel days and tension to look after.
> So, pack light and remember ‘Packing light always feels great.’

Open Your Mind and Heart :

Traveling is just traveling unless you open up yourself.

Open your mind to enjoy the nature

> It becomes a part of yourself only when you open your heart and soul to the place and embrace it.
> Let the inner bird fly high. If you do these, trust me you are gonna see the world in a whole new awesome way. A traveler becomes a true traveler.

Alone Time to Yourself :

Giving time to yourself in the middle of everything is as good as you are reborn into the world. Just forget everything and get soaked in the moment.

Let me show you how… If you ever visit a beautiful calm beach. Just sit on the soft sands of the beach, gaze upon the limitless beauty of the setting sun, take a deep breath while the tender rays caress your skin. Think of nothing at the moment, only the tranquility of Mother Nature alone… And enjoy the light, soft breeze kissing your skin.

It’s truly amazing…

Well, if you can follow these easy and best travel tips while traveling, you will definitely be the happiest traveler in the world. And I’d appreciate if you could share your personal tips on the comment section below.

Have a happy and healthy trip…

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