Genesis GV60 :

The era of electric vehicles is taking shape with every automobile company like Audi, Subaru, Mercedes-Benz, Bently revealing and bringing out their unique EVs.

And along the change comes the new trend. You have seen smartphones that can be charged without plugging in, but have you seen a car that can be charged wirelessly?

The South Korean automobile manufacturer, Hyundai Motor Company on August 19 revealed its first fully electric car ‘Genesis GV60’ from its luxury car line.

Genesis GV60Genesis GV60Image credit: Genesis Media

What makes it special is that the Genesis GV60 can be charged wirelessly without the need to plug it into any socket.

“Genesis GV60 is capable of wireless charging,” the company stated on its official website.

In a move by Hyundai towards electrification, the Genesis GV60 is designed on E-GMP (Electric – Global Modular Platform), its dedicated EV platform.

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The company stated that the name GV60 represents Genesis and the versatility of the vehicle. And the number ‘60’ is the lowest in the Genesis lineup and represents the identity of ‘Athletic Elegance’ under its unique model-naming scheme.

Genesis Gv60 is powered by the Lithium battery, and it is estimated to have 270 miles of range on a single charge.

To charge up the car, all that the driver needs to do is park it over a charging pad and forget, no plug necessary.

The Genesis GV60 is scheduled for its launch in South Korea by the end of this year and will be released in the U.S. in 2022.

Compared to the conventional plug-in charging system that usually takes 10 hrs or more by home wall chargers or at public stations, GV60 would take 6 hours once parked over the mat to get fully charged.

This will be the first electric car to have only a wireless charging system, completely erasing the conventional plug system.

Hyundai hasn’t provided any further details on the car specifics, but it stated that the wireless charging feature would be optional.

And only 600 new GV60s will be manufactured with a wireless charging system in Seoul.


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