Russia War :

After the Russian president Vladimir Putin announced his “special military operations” in Ukraine on a Russian live telecast on the morning of 24th February, the assault on Ukraine began immediately.

Videos of devastating explosions, shellings, paratroopers being airdropped over Ukraine, tanks crossing the Ukrainian borders flooded the internet. Russia war on Ukraine is the biggest crisis Europe has faced since World War 2.

Despite the whole world’s stress on de-escalation, the assault on Ukraine’s soil continued to the 2nd day.

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According to the Ukrainian defense ministry, the country so far has lost more than 130 Ukrainians including soldiers, and civilians. And now the latest development in Russia’s war with Ukraine is that Ukraine has been hit by a wave of cyber-attacks.

On Wednesday, the country witnessed most of its crucial government and banks’ websites crashing.

Ukrainian Digital Transformation ministry stated that it is now seeing a new “wiper” attack that can destroy data on infected computers.

Russia WarImage credit: Reuters/Valentyn Ogirenko/Illustration

As part of Russia war on Ukraine, this is considered as hybrid warfare where the attacks come from both physically (using brute force) and virtually (attacking the core systems of technology to blind the country), Ukraine fumed.

This incident amidst Russia’s war on Ukraine is the 3rd wave of a cyberattack this year and is considered the most sophisticated to date.

“The incident appears consistent with recent DDoS (Distributed Denial of Services) attacks,” the Ukrainian internet connectivity company NetBlock said in its tweet.

DDoS is an attack built to bring down a website by flooding it with massive amounts of requests until it crashes. However, the Ukrainian ministry stated that it anticipated and was prepared for such attacks.

“Ukrainian’s military and banking websites have seen a more rapid recovery, likely due to preparedness and increased capacity to implement mitigations,” a Ukrainian official told to BBC.

Cyber authorities of the UK and US blamed the attack on Russian hackers backed by Kremlin. However, no official confirmation was made the attack was Russian, and Russia denied of such accusations by calling the claims “Russophobic”.

Russia stated that it has disabled 83 Ukrainian military facilities including 11 airbases.

European Union (EU) announced a cyber rapid-response team (CRRT) to aid Ukraine after its call for help. But it isn’t clear if the cyber experts from these 6 volunteer countries are already in Russia war action.

EU, America, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the UK have imposed tough sanctions on Russia including Germany’s biggest Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project that is worth $11 billion for Russia’s war on Ukraine.

However, it failed to deter Russia from its ongoing attack(Russia war).

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