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It’s now easier than ever before to capture the shots that were once either impossible or took the efforts of a whole crew to get them, all thanks to the evolving-technology that now enables us to get the HD picture-quality of a 4-pound DSLR-Camera from a camera as small as a matchbox that can actually fit in your pocket.

Be it a portable drone that can be effortlessly carried in your backpack or the action camera that can be slipped into your jeans’ pocket. Capturing the moments was never this fun and easy especially for travelers, and vloggers who like to keep their viewers interested along with their interest.

These super-compact cameras have made capturing & recording reach a whole new level and be super fun, interesting and easy to accomplish. But the problem now is that there are a ton of good cameras available out there which makes it difficult to choose the best camera that suits you well.

So, we researched on the top-performing cameras to suggest to you the best action camera that is worth your money and time. We have conducted rigorous tests and researches for the best-performing action cameras and did find a winner.

GoPro Hero8 Black
Best Action Camera

GoPro is one of the few best parents of versatile action cameras in the world as it is again proved with the GoPro Hero8. We were hoping it to be the coolest action camera that we have laid our hands on so far…

Do these features really make Hero8 the best action camera…?


Hero8’s frameless design makes it the sleekest-looking action camera. It is slimmer than its predecessor Hero7 but is slightly wider and taller.

And just like Hero7, you’ll no longer need a frame to mount it on most of the things as it has the built-in mounting fingers that solve most of the mounting problems, the finger-mounts can be neatly tucked on its underside when it’s not necessary.

Best action camera mount

This feature is a relief to some of the travelers and vloggers as it saves a lot of searching-time for the tiny mounting piece.

Lens :

Hero8 is equipped with 12MP Lens with improved HDR, and GoPro wasn’t lying, it does have the improved HDR compared to other action cameras.

GoPro claims that the Lens is made of ultra-durable Gorilla Glass that is tougher and twice as impact-resistant than its previous versions.

Best action camera gopro hero8 lens

But a small drawback is that the front lens section is fused and no longer removable, if it gets scratched or cracked you won’t be having the privilege to replace it on your own.

Performance :

This is what everybody looks for to make their final decision.

GoPro Hero8 with its 12MP lens and GP1 Processor chip can effortlessly record 4K resolved videos at 60Fps. The video-stability is extremely good with Hypersmooth 2.0 Video Stabilization compared to Hero7 and it can be enhanced with the all-new Boost mode. The ‘Boost Mode’ is best for capturing shots in extremely unstable moments like Mountain biking, Skiing, Bungee Jumping, Rock-climbing. If you are an extreme-sports junkie, this feature is built for you.

And just like GoPro Hero7, it has Superview, Wide view, and Linear view but also has one extra field-of-view that Hero7 doesn’t… ‘Narrow view’ for concentrating on the focused subject.

Gopro Hero8 recording video

It has Timewrap 2.0, Time Lapse and Night Lapse. You can record 8x slow-motion video just like in Hero7, my personal opinion is that it could have been enhanced for a more diverse-capturing experience… because it’s GoPro Hero8…

The most-loved feature is that now you can directly live stream at 1080p as its bit rate is a satisfying 100 Mbps which is totally loved and welcomed by vloggers.

These features make GoPro Hero8 jump on the stage to be the best action camera, but there’s still a lot to decide…

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Cool Features :

‘Live Burst’ is a new capture mode, in this mode, the camera will be on standby, it can capture 1.5 seconds before and after you press the shutter button that gives you 90 separate frames in 3 seconds which is absolutely satisfying to choose the best one out of the Live Burst’s consecutive-collection.

GoPro Hero8 is equipped with Voice Control along with the wake on voice, this is very much effective when your hands are full, or if you are on the go and want to start recording.

The camera has Blink, Smile, Face +Scene detection for auto-focusing and adjusting. You can traditionally connect your Hero8 to your smartphone via the GoPro app just like any other GoPro camera where you can customize what you wanna see.

Gopro hero8 customization

The screen is touch-sensitive with a good reactive UI, even the beginner can easily access the features with ease. It has a built-in microphone on the front-side of the camera, and the audio quality is good only if the microphone is directed towards the source of the voice, this is a bit of a downside.

But, the quality can be enhanced using external microphones using Media Mod that is sold separately. The device is also compatible with the Light Mod, and the Display Mod.

GoPro Hero8 is definitely water-proof without the need for any external shell up to the depth of 33 ft (10 meters) which makes it one of the best action cameras for underwater filming.

Best action camera underwater capture

If you are planning to dive deeper, you need to get the protective shell which is also sold separately. But the device will lose its waterproof capacity once it is fused with the Media Mod. So, don’t even think of taking the naked Hero8 attached to the Media Mod into the water.

It has a 1220 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery and will last around 70 minutes on a single charge while shooting in 2.7K or 4K at max frame rate, it should have been a little bit more. But it can be extended up to 1.5 – 2hrs in lower resolution but not in continuous-filming mode.

Not so happy about: The battery gets heated a bit fast.

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Connectivity :

It is built for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along with standard GPS tracking. Whatever you capture will be automatically uploaded into the smartphone that is connected through the GoPro App.

Hero8 is truly durable, unlike most other action cameras that are durable only theoretically. This was accidentally proved for my best action camera as I accidentally dropped it from a height of almost 6ft and to my luck, it wasn’t damaged as it landed on its frame’s edge and not on the lens or the screen. I have no clue what would have happened if it had landed on either of the sides.

All these features and my user-experience made me conclude that GoPro Hero8 is definitely the best action camera, especially for traveling and vlogging.

Just make sure you use it to its fullest potential to experience its fullest performance and don’t forget to share your experience, if you do find any best feature of this best action camera that you love or downside of it, well, you do know where to reveal it. In the comment section below.

Best Action Camera Specifications :

This is a sponsored post with GoPro. All the opinions are 100% our own…


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