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Traveling, hiking (or) camping is fun only if you are in good health. And it comes with the right practice and the right practice is done with the right choice.

Whenever you travel (or) camp around the world you are gonna meet different cultures, eat different food, sleep in a different place, everything’s gonna be different except one thing, ‘water.’ Where ever you travel, you are gonna have to drink the same life-saving ‘H2o’ to live and breathe.

Follow these best travel tips to make your traveling the best experience like never before…

Staying hydrated is one of the most significant factors which you can never underestimate. But drinking contaminated water just to stay hydrated will make you pay more than the consequence of dehydration.

There may be many sources of water around you but only a few are suitable to drink. This inconvenience will make traveling the worst experience rather than the best. To combat this discomfort while traveling, you need to have the best water filter that can be portable and 100% reliable to survive in such situations.

Which is the best water filter for a traveler on the go?

There are many water filters available out there in the market and only a few truly stand to their theoretical capacity. And among those few, Lifestraw Personal water filter stood as the best water filter for an adventure junkie based on our user-experience.

Lifestraw personal water filter

Why is the Lifestraw personal water filter the best?

Firstly, the Lifestraw filter is ultralight and durable as it only weighs 2 ounces (56.69 gms) which definitely makes it backpack and travel-friendly. You can just literally lace it around your neck and rock climb or hike like always. I said it because I have done it.

The Filter is free from chemicals, instead, it has microbiological, hollow fiber membrane which is super-reliable as it efficiently filters the most contaminated water by separating bacteria and parasites making the water potable.

Best portable lifestraw water filter

Vestergaard claims that the Lifestraw personal filter can filter particles as minute as 0.2 microns and separate 99.999999% of E. coli like bacterias, 99.999% of microplastics, 99.999% of parasitic organisms like Giardia, Cryptosporidium and many more with much-sophisticated names. Well, that’s a lot of 9s for a filter.

My experience with the Lifestraw Personal filter…

Well, I think the company did not lie about it. I once was hiking mid-day, and it isn’t a miracle to see the water in the bottle disappear fast when the sweat’s running down like shower waters.

Luckily I did have my ‘Lifestraw water filter’ with me… (Well, it wasn’t luck, I intentionally had it with me in case I faced such situations). There was a small puddle of water that already raised colonies of micro-organisms and algae. The look wasn’t really comforting but I was thirsty down to the bones and I did stick my ‘best water filter’ into it and hoped it wouldn’t taste as I imagined.

Best water filter lifestraw

Wasn’t I surprised by its efficiency? The water did not a bit taste like what I imagined, in fact, it was much better than the bottled water and my stomach did not show any sign of agony. This made me use it more often than ever before, and now whenever I go rock climbing or hiking or any adventurous journey, Lifestraw Personal water filter is always there to back me up in such situations.

Note: Do not use it in water-bodies where toxic industrial waste may be present. It does not filter viruses, seawater and toxic water as the particles’ size is lesser than 0.2 microns. Only the purifiers can filter the viruses.

Durability :

Lifestraw water filter can filter 4,000 liters (1,000 gallons) of water in its lifetime that is enough water for an individual to drink for up to 5 years which makes it one of the best survival accessories. It is easy to use, clean, and carry, making it one of the most reliable and ultimate survival tool. 

Well, this is definitely a lifesaver if you are lost in the wilderness. Vestergaard claims that it has tested the filter all over the globe.

All these features have proven the ‘Lifestraw water filter’ to be 100% effective & efficient making it the best water filter you can buy for your next adventure.


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