The ‘Dodow’ your latest lullaby : 

‘Sleep’ is a prime factor to live a happy, active and relaxed life. But some people are sadly deprived of their sleep.

And let me tell you how ‘Lack of Sleep’ adversely affects your body.

> It weakens your immune system.
> It drains your mental abilities.
> It potentially increases the risk of Diabetes, Weight Gain, Heart Disease, Low Sex Drive and most scary of all is that it increases the risk of Premature Death by about 13%.

‘Lack of Sleep’ is the darkest factor if you are driving.

Well, if you can remember the horror fantasy ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ in which ‘Freddy Kruger’ a completely burnt serial killer, with sharp razors for fingers tries to kill every soul that sleeps [He kills them in their dream].

Freddy kruger

In reality, Sleep deprivation / Lack of sleep is “Freddy Kruger”. If you don’t have a good night’s sleep you are inviting ‘Freddy Kruger’ into your life. So to stay away from the dangerous problems caused by ‘Lack of Sleep’, I want you to have a good relaxed sleep every night.

But some people just can’t get their good night’s sleep even when they are in their bed [making their bed a wrestling ring]. If you too are going through the same… then you definitely need to have this…

‘Dodow’ Your Personal Lullaby

Dodow’s functionality in short…

Dodow’s an easy way to get sound sleep. It’s the best solution for ‘Sleep Deprivation’. It’s specially designed to assist you to fall asleep faster than you usually did.

And don’t worry, Dodow’s not something that you need to swallow (or) inject (or) do anything crazy. It’s a device that needs to be kept right next to you. It’s that simple…

Dodow is primarily a pulsing ‘nightlight’ that synchronizes your heart rate and breathing.

It’s like a yoga instructor in bed. And it’s just super easy to use.

Dodow sleeping

> All you need to do is just tap once on it if you need it for a small period of time/short session [8 minutes].
> Tap twice if you need it for a longer session [20 minutes].

And you don’t have to worry about turning it off. Dodow automatically sleeps after you sleep.

On session, the pattern of the flashing gradually slows down. It reduces your heart rate, blood pressure and makes your body enter a ‘relaxed state’.

When stressed, our body becomes a cocktail of flooded hormones which in turn affects our sleep. And ‘Dodow’ is essentially made to assist our body fight these effects without physical contact.

‘Dodow’ intensifies the favorable condition for easy and relaxed sleep. And this clearly makes ‘Dodow’ a true solution for an easy way to get sound sleep.

How Dodow Works :

> Keep your Dodow right next to you.
> If you like a short session, just tap the surface of the Dodow once for a standard 8-minute cycle or if it’s really hard for you to fall asleep then double-tap the Dodow’s surface for the longer 20-minute cycle. It starts working its magic.
> At first when conscious you begin at a rate of 11 breaths a minute [a fairly ordinary breathing rate for a healthy human being].

> As the Dodow’s flashes split further and further apart, your inhalation and exhalation [breathing] gradually get slowed down to an exceptionally slow breathing rate – 6 breaths/minute.
> When your body comfortably rests at 6 breaths a minute. Baroreflex mechanism kicks in where your brain shifts from alert to resting-state [sleep state].

Fun Fact: Do not use it while having S** or you might just doze off in the middle and your partner might get a bad impression on you.

The complete process takes about 8 minutes to achieve the intended resting state. But to people who feel difficulty in doing it in just 8 minutes can extend to 20 minutes by just double-tapping on the surface.

Dodow tapping control

So the whole process is as smooth as the surface of the water. LED lights may slightly dim when its battery is half consumed, change the battery after its fully consumed.

Benefits of Having Dodow :

> You will experience the best sleep of your life.
> It’s easy to use.
> It doesn’t have any side effects [proven scientifically].
> Highly efficient and effective.
> It’s easy to carry as its portable [Dodow’s a must if you are traveling and can’t get good sleep].

Product Details and Design :

> Size – 4.5″x4.5″x2″
> Weight – 7 ounces [299 gms]
> Battery – Three AAA batteries.

Dodow batteries and design

Average customer review
4.5 of 5 stars…

Operates under 0 noise emission at all points of operation. With ‘Dodow’ your bad sleepless nights will be behind you.

Fun Fact: You can live for 10 days without having Sex but can never survive 10 days without sleep.

Sleep plays an important role in one’s health. Healthy sleep healthy person.

Click here to buy (US) – $59.79
Click here to buy (IN) – ₹5,200


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