Space Tourism :

As technology is advancing, the ambitious space projects are also advancing.

With the successful launch of astronauts for NASA, SpaceX created history and plowed the controversial path for space tourism clear.

Space tourism is making more noise than it has ever done before.

Space tourism is taking fledge…

Many private companies around the world have started testing their indigenously built technologies to carry tourists to space. But one player has already tasted the success of space tourism.

After a decade-long pause, the Russian Federal Space Agency – Roscosmos is preparing to send a couple of paying tourists to the Space Station aboard its Soyuz spacecraft in 2023.

Space tourism

This space tour project will create history as one of the 2 paying tourists will be performing a spacewalk alongside an experienced Russian cosmonaut. This will be the 1st attempt by any private visitor to the International Space Station.

Russia’s State Space Corporation has brought in its old partner Space Adventures Inc. of the United States of America to achieve the milestone. Space Adventures Inc is a company that prepares spaceflights for its elite customers.

“We appreciate the chance to celebrate two decades of orbital space tourism with our Russian partners by opening up another first-ever experience,” Eric Anderson, CEO of Space Adventures Inc said in a report.

Their partnership has a successful history of sending seven tourists to the International Space Station on eight separate Soyuz launches between 2001-2009.

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Guy Laliberté, co-founder of ‘Cirque du Soleil’ was the last space tourist who flew to the Space Station in September 2009 by these partners.

Roscosmos then halted Space tourism in order to carry the astronauts to and from the space as NASA’s space shuttle retired in 2011.

Soyuz became the only way for space agencies to get to the International Space Station. These other space agencies paid around $80 million per seat in the Soyuz spacecraft to travel to the Space Station.

As of now, these private tourists will have to undergo extensive training before attempting their space tour. And the company has stated that the accepted candidates will have to mandatorily complete the specialized training and additional simulations.

The detail on the cost of this trip hasn’t been revealed yet. If everything goes as planned, a space tourist will walk outside the Space Station in 2023 and create history.

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