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Capturing the moments isn’t complete without Cameras and Cameras isn’t complete without the right backpack. Sometimes having the wrong backpack may ultimately lead to disappointment by spoiling the most awaited moment that you were dying to capture.

I bet you would have had a really bad experience in the dilemma of difficulty in packing your Camera gear.

> Stuffing your digital camera in a Luggage bag.
> Broke the lens by misplacing it.
> Damaged your digital camera / been the victim of theft while traveling.
> Losing your Cards (or) most, unfortunately, your ‘Camera’.
> No more space in your backpack for a tripod.
> Expensive gadgets drenched in rain.
> Difficulty in carrying your messed-up backpack.

You know… I can go on with a long list of chaos, but the point is if you are a victim to any of these shitty experience. You are in dire need of backpack up-gradation to make sure that these problems will only be the things of past.

With the best of the best research carried out by team THP. We have found the best and perfect answer to these problems.

Vanguard Alta Rise 48

The best solution for tech and accessories packing…

Vanguard alta rise 48

Is it Worthy…?

Since 1986, Vanguard is a global brand that designs, manufactures and delivers the best innovative user-friendly and advanced products. From Binoculars, Camera Bags, Cases, spotting scopes to the best and award-winning Tripods which most of the professionals all over the world rely on to deliver the best results.

And if you are on a hunt to expand your gear to pack, look no further… Vanguard Alta Rise 48 is an advanced one-stop tech packing backpack that meets your expectation.

Vanguard alta storage space

Why Vanguard Alta Rise 48 is the best…?

> Alta Rise 48 is a stylish series of Messenger Bags, Slings, and Backpacks [Best developed to suit your style].
> The revolutionary +6 system allows you to increase the storage space by 6cms with an easy zipper motion [It can be contrasted (or) expanded into 2 different sizes].

Vanguard expandable storage

> Best suitable for CSC Camera kits (or) DSLR’s.
> Completely customizable to your kit.
> Very comfortable and light in weight to carry.
> It has an attractive bright interior designed to make it easier to find your kit even in low light condition.
> It has multiple mini-pockets for SD cards and other bits you need.
> It’s built-in a sleek modern design.
> Vanguard Alta Rise 48 offers one of the best safety and security [Anti theft bag].

What can you pack…?

Vanguard Alta Rise 48 offers the privilege to carry larger camera kits without strain.

You can pack :

1 DSLR (or) CSC with lens attached, 3-4 extra Lenses, Flash Unit, Tripod, Charger, Battery, SD Cards, Adapter, Laptop/Tab, Water Bottle, Passport, Wallet, Maps, and Cards.


1 Pro – DSLR with lens attached [up to 70-200 mm f/2.8], 3-4 Extra Lenses, Flash Unit, Tripod, Charger, Battery, SD Cards, Laptop, Adapter, Tab, Water Bottle, Passport, Wallet, Maps, and Cards.


1 Pro – DSLR with grip plus, 4-5 Lenses [up to 24-70 mm f/2.8], Flash Unit, Tripod, Charger, Battery, SD Cards, Adapter, Laptop, Tab, Water Bottle, Passport, Wallet, Maps, and Cards.


1 Mavic 2 Pro Drone, DJI Osmo Pocket, 1 DSLR, Flash Unit, Tripod, Charger, Battery, SD Cards, Adapter, Laptop, Tab, Water Bottle, Passport, Wallet, Maps, and Cards.

Yet it’s very comfortable to carry and built to be ‘sturdy and waterproof’, so you don’t have to worry about drenching your gadgets anymore.

Packs everything you need…

> Along with the gadget space, it even has a spacious day pack section at the top for more access to pack.

> The intelligently designed bright interior of Alta Rise 48 allows you to spot even the tiniest of items you need even in low light conditions.

Vanguard alta rise interior

> The backpack includes waist straps for maximum comfortability during long journeys. These can be tucked in decently when not in use to avoid trailing straps.

Features of Vanguard Alta Rise 48 :

> Day pack: It can be accessed separately and the clips prevent the zips from slipping open in error (or) if someone tries to access your valuable kit when you are on the go [Not gonna happen].

> Magic Pocket: Now this is a pretty cool feature. It has a full length padded internal – pocket with easy and discreet external access, safe storage concealed pocket on the back panel to secure your travel documents/wallet [only you’ll know it].

> It’s +6 – Expand / Contrast feature with one simple zipper provides quick action side access in split seconds.

> Quick Side Access: With this feature, you will never miss a shot with the facility to quickly access your camera from the side. You can have access to the camera without taking the backpack off your shoulder (or) you can simply swing the ‘Alta Rise’ round and tadaa… you have access to your camera.

Vanguard quick access interior zipper

Added Advantage: You can use the backpack for added stability while clicking your shot just by placing your elbows on/against the backpack.

> Although it can’t replace the tripod, it comes in hand at times of essence.

> Comfortable Carrying: It’s perfectly designed and developed for comfortably carrying, unlike other backpacks.

Vanguard comfortable carrying

> Ergonomic air systemed back and harness, always protected, comfortably well padded.

> No fumbling: Bright colored interior makes finding things easy even in low light. It has dedicated pockets to all essentials for organized packing.

> Easy carrying of a Tripod: Vanguard Alta Rise 48 has a side strapped ‘pouch’ to firmly hold the ‘Tripod’. When the pouch isn’t needed, you can simply fold it into a pocket so it doesn’t flap loose.

Vanguard tripod pouch

The Alta Rise backpacks also feature the Alta Link System that allows you to fit the padded ‘Alta Action Tripod Bag’ [available seperately] securely to the side of the backpack for longer journeys. This adds a greater level of safety to your Tripod.

Can you customize Alta Rise 48…?

Yes… you get a chance to customize your backpack all by yourself. The interior of the Alta Rise is ingeniously designed in such a way, You can customize it in many ways.

Vanguard customizable storage

> If you feel like packing more of your stuff, you can just keep the day pack intact.
> If you need more space just for your Cameras (or) Drone, all you need to do is detach the ‘Day pack’.
> You can alter the spacings with detachable styrowalls.
> It has detachable straps for maximum stability to your gadgets.
> If you wanna fit a longer lens you can actually increase the space for it by expanding the length of the bag.

Quick features of Vanguard Alta Rise 48 :

> +6 expand/contrast with one simple zipper.
> Quick Action – Side access in split seconds.
> Magic Pocket full length – Padded internal pocket with easy and discreet external access.
> Always protected – Well padded all around.
> Well organized dedicated pack.
> Rain Cover.

Out of the survey, 90% of the professionals recommended ‘Vanguard Alta Rise 48’.

Alta Rise 48 makes you look like a professional even though you are all messed up.


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