DJI Mavic 2 Pro : 

The art of photography is no longer confined to just tripod, in hands, or on land/water. It has entered a whole new level that defies gravity.

Drone, the future tech of today’s marvel which is now part of every capturing moment.

‘The Selfie Drone’, it’s now possible to get the impossible shots. You can capture the moments your eyes had failed to which I call it the ‘Bird View Shot’.

Bird's eye view in mavic 2 pro

‘Dronie’ is now the trending craze in town. No best moment is completely complete without the coverage from the super cool drones. It’s because they can capture the shots you had only dreamt of. Like, the picture of a bird nesting high up in a tree, ‘Selfies’ from extremely high vantage points, capturing the moments of wild without disturbing them.

Vantage point shots in mavic 2 pro

With drones, it’s like you are present there in the right place at the right time without actually being there.

These hugely beneficial drones come in adorably cute and small size. Most of them can actually fit in your pocket which makes them highly portable and easy to carry wherever you go.

And all these benefits take us to one of the best and latest Selfie drones today.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Dji mavic 2 pro

It’s one of the top-performing drones in town with its best and user-friendly diverse features.

Check it out…

Camera :

Legendary Hasselblad’s 20MP Camera can shoot a smooth 4K video and photos with stunning color detail.

Mavic 2 pro hasselblad 20mp camera

Max Altitude :

Mavic 2 Pro can reach a max altitude of 500 meters [120 meters is the suggested height].

Flight Time :

Fly non-stop 31 minutes sustained flight at a constant 25 mph on a Single Charge.

Max Flight Distance :

It can cover a flight distance of a whopping 8km [5 miles] which is extremely satisfying.

Flight distance in dji mavic pro 2

Fun Fact: Mavic has the longest flight distance range than any other till date.

Maximum Speed :

In sport mode, it can reach a maximum speed of 45mph [72kms] [It’s like Bolt of the Drone world].

Obstacle Sensing :

It has an advanced ‘Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensors’ [all sides] to avoid collision with objects when in air.

RTH Mode :

Return To Home [RTH] mode when On enables Mavic 2 to automatically come back to the place it took off whenever needed.

Backward Flying Mode :

This feature helps to record anything that’s moving forward as the drone moves backward with the camera facing the moving object.

Battery Life :

With its compact Li-ion battery [3850 mAh] it can sustain a 31-minute flight in a single charge [that’s 2x longer than the usual drones].
> It takes 1hr to charge the Drone.
> It’s controller takes 2hrs to get fully charged.

Features Exclusive to DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Hyper Lapse :

It captures stable aerial shots and processes them automatically for a masterpiece Timelapse shot.

Different Timelapses you can try.
> Free
> Circle
> Course look.
> Waypoint.

Hyperlight :

Shine your captured moment in a spectacular bright light shot. A low light setting designed to enhance images with significantly reduced noise.

Ocusync 2.0 video Transmission :

Mavic 2’s performance is massively enhanced to improve video quality, communication distance and anti-interference bestowing you with unprecedented and uninterrupted video transmission.

Active Track 2.0 :

With the advancement in both hardware and software. You’re gonna experience a whole new level of Auto-Tracking.

1. Precise Recognition equipped with 3D-mapping tech.
2. Obstacle Sensing with omnidirectional Sensors.
3. High-Speed Tracking on sport mode with a top speed of 72kmph [45 mph].
4. Trajectory Prediction of a subject wherever it goes with trajectory calculating technology.

Panoramas :

The Mavic 2 supports 4 panorama modes.
> Vertical Panorama.
> Horizontal Panorama.
> Spherical Panorama.
> 180° Panorama.

Point of Interest [POI] 2.0 :

Really cool feature programmed to fly 360° around the focused subject to get a movie-like easy shot.

Dolly Zoom :

Ultimate feature to make the captured shot look more immersed.

These things make Mavic 2 Pro already irresistible but there’s still a lot more that sets Mavic 2 Pro on a whole new level.

Camera :

Mavic 2 Pro is equipped with the legendary Hasselblad L1D-20C Camera.

Interesting Fact: Hasselblad cameras were used to capture the moments of Apollo 11, the first moon landing on July 20, 1969 [That’s one small step for a Camera, one giant leap for cam-kind].

> It’s equipped with unique Hasselblad Natural Color Solution [HNCS] Technology that helps you to Capture stunning color detailed shots.

Click here to find out more about the latest HNCS tech

Hasselblad Natural Color Solution

> It has a 1-inch CMOS Sensor, one of the largest sensors for better performance in a low-light environment.
> ISO range is lifted from just 3200 to a max 12,800.
> 10-bit Dlog-M Color Profile to retain the max in-depth detailed precision of a shot [The system can record over 1 billion colors].
> The Camera is exclusively built for 4K HDR video recording.
> You’ll get an outstanding image-quality in both environments as its equipped with adjustable Aperture from F/2.8 to F/11.

Pro Tip: Sequence the aperture to F/2.8 to allow more light in and to capture clear and bright shots while shooting in a well-lit surrounding.

> Set the aperture to F/11 to lower the Shutter Speed and make your video smooth.

Stability :

> It has excellent stability in air. Maximum reduction of disturbance when hovering in the air.
> It’s quieter and designed for less noise. FOC sinusoidal drive ESC and low noise propellers make its flight as quiet as possible [It’s one of the best key features of Mavic 2].

Hyperlapse :

> No more struggle to get this magical shot.
> No need to use heavy gear. This feature enables you to capture the stable aerial shots and process them automatically enabling you to create professional-looking timelapse.
> The video can be shared instantly on Social media. It’s that easy.

It has 4 different Hyperlapse.
> Free.
> Circle.
> Course look.
> Waypoint.

Click here to learn how to Operate Hyperlapse Mode

Operate Hyperlapse Mode

Active Track 2.0 :

With up-gradation in both Hardware and Software, it takes tracking experience to a whole new level.

1. Precise Recognition :

Unlike Mavic Pro which relies on 2D images from the main camera to track a subject, Active tract 2.0 maps a 3D view of the surrounding environment from the main cam and forward dual vision sensors for precise accuracy and recognition.

Click here to learn to Active Track

Active Track

2. High-Speed Tracking :

This is where sport mode gets activated, with this mode in open and unobstructed environment, the Mavic 2 Pro tracks your happy moments even in fast-moving subjects like car/boat with a top speed of up to 72kmph.

3. Trajectory Prediction :

Mavic 2’s track predicting technology help to maintain tracking when the focused subject is blocked by an obstruction.

Omni Directional Obstacle Sensing :

This is one of the key features that set Mavic 2 apart from others. It’s upgraded with obstacle sensors in all directions.
> Forward, Backward, Left, Right, Downward and Upward.

Panoramas :

Mavic 2 supports 4 different panoramic modes.
> Spherical Panorama.
> Horizontal Panorama.
> Vertical Panorama.
> 180-degree Panorama.

Next level various intuitive shooting modes.


Point of Interest [POI] 2.0 :

With these cool features, Mavic 2 Pro can be used to shoot movies [It’s that cool]. No need for camera crew members on a helicopter circling to get the desired shot [It’s all in the past]. With Mavic 2, you can fly it around the focused subject with extreme stability to get more than a satisfying shot.

Waypoint 2.0 :

With this feature, Mavic 2 no longer needs to fly to an exact shooting spot to mark waypoints. You can plan a flight path quickly just by tapping the desired waypoints and points of interest in the app and just mind your business as the drone will follow the preset track on its own.

Check it out to get it perfect.  

Waypoint 2.0

Cool New Features of Mavic 2 Pro

Dolly Zoom :

This is one of the best features that cannot be underestimated in Mavic 2.

Take a look at this cool feature.

Dolly Zoom

Asteroid :

A brand new feature that woos a photoholic for sure.

Have a look at it.

Asteroid Performance

Boomerang :

Last but not least, Boomerang is a feature just like a traditional Boomerang that once thrown into the air comes back, but don’t throw your Mavic 2, it’s the feature that can be set to get a shot like Boomerang.

Have a quick look.


Controller :

It’s the main part of the Drone pack to control it.
> It’s a handheld device, needs to be connected to your phone.
> Everything that’s being recorded is transmitted to your device through the ‘Ocusync 2.0 video Transmission System’ [OTS 2.0].

Controller for dji mavic pro 2

> 2.4-5.8 GHz Auto-switching feature to have uninterrupted streaming and transmission of videos. The controller is specially designed for mobility and can be carried with ease.
> The parts of the controller can be easily removed and folded to fit in a backpack..

Click here to learn to link the Mavic 2 Remote Controller.

Remote Controller

And if really wanna take your photographic skill to a whole new level of fun and excitement.

Click here to buy (US) – $1724.99
Click here to buy (IN) – ₹1,73,950

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