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The race to colonize the moon is gaining heat. Countries of the world are preparing their own versions of plans to set their flags on the moon and call it their base.

Recently, the researchers in Japan revealed their most ambitious space plan ever to build an artificial base on the moon and connect it to the world through a space train.

That’s right, Kajima Corporation, in collaboration with Kyoto University’s researchers, unveiled its futuristic space program.

Kajima Constructions released a video of their dream project. In it, you can see Japan’s artificial gravity-induced base that towers as a tall vertical glass structure that has approximately 100m radius and stands 400m tall, this glass base is called “The Glass.”

“There is no plan like this in other countries’ space development plans,” said the director of the SIC Human Spaceology Center of Kyoto University, Yosuke Yamashiki during the press conference.

According to the report, the Japanese scientists plan to build the super-structure – “Glass,” an artificially created habitable living structure mimicking Earth’s gravity, terrain, and atmosphere in order to avoid the degradation of the future space travelers’ musculoskeletal system in zero and low gravity environments, and serve as a pitstop for future Mars missions.

The travelers would be transported via “space train.”

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This giant structure would use artificially-propelled centrifugal force as gravity similar to the earth’s which is 6 times greater than the Moon’s.

This futuristic moon base named “Lunaglass” would have water bodies, green parks, residential areas, and exercise areas similar to that on Earth.

And the people will be transported to and from the moon base through the futuristic space train.

The independent said that a simplified version of the space train and Lunaglass could be finished by 2050 whereas the full-scale version could need another 70 years.

The space train transportation system would be the lifeline to connecting Earth and Moon.

USA’s NASA under its Artemis Programme aims to send a man and 1st woman to the polar region of the moon by 2025.

Russia and China have joined hands to build the International Lunar Research Station.

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