Mass Effect :

The world of games is constantly trying to evolve for a better-immersed gaming experience. And the latest advanced technology to create realistic environments in the games has the developers and studios racing to be the best in the field.

Bioware, one of the biggest game developers, is the latest to announce its run in the race.

The company to provide the best and most realistic gaming simulation is greasing up to change its gear to the Unreal Engine 5.

Bioware created its 1st three Mass Effect games using the versions of Unreal Engine 3, and the next installments were created using EA’s very own Frostbite Engine. However, the transition from Unreal Engine 3 to Frostbite Engine wasn’t an easy one.

Mass Effect Dragon Age games needed to be made using the versions of Eclipse Engine, which led to the cancellation of Dragon Age 2’s expansion Exalted March. It was also inculpated for a few Mass Effect Andromeda’s problems like map sizes, save systems, and animations.

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Hence Bioware decided to proceed with caution not to repeat the same mistakes.

To begin the development of the next Mass Effect game, the company has begun hiring talented programmers.

“Bioware is hiring talented programmers with UE4/5 experience!”, tweeted Brenon Holmes, a producer at Bioware.

This reveals the preparations for the creation of its next game.

“Our teams drive innovation using cutting-edge tech and tools such as the Frostbite Engine,” one of the team members stated.

The demo trailer of The Matrix Awakens shown at The Game Awards reveals the awesome power of Unreal Engine 5. The game contains 38,000+ drivable cars.

And the advanced character-creation tool Unreal Engine 5 was chosen by the team that’s making Mass Effect.

If all preparations go according to the plan, the game is expected to roll out by 2022 or 2023. The company stated that it will be hiring many veterans to make sure the game is in good hands.

However, we aren’t sure if the coming Mass Effect game doesn’t face problems as Andromeda did.

No further info on its budget or exact launch has been revealed by the company.


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