Disney Melee Mania :

Have you ever wished to be a part of the super showdown of the most loved Disney’s and Pixar’s characters…?

Well, if you did, brace for it as your wish is about to come true.

Disney and Pixar have announced the launch of the super brawl exclusively on Apple Arcade as Disney Melee Mania where you can choose your favorite Pixar and Disney characters and fight to destroy or defend your assets in a virtual battleground. And the fight should have a winner in 5 minutes as it’s timed.

“Disney Melee mania will be available on Apple Arcade from December,” Apple stated.

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The game will have 12 Disney and Pixar characters, in the beginning, and more characters will be added along the way.

Disney Melee ManiaAnd we have had a glimpse of:

> Jasmine from Aladdin
> Ralph from Wreck-It-Ralph
> Elsa from Frozen
> Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story
> Moana from Moana
> Mickey Mouse
> Frozone from The Incredibles
> Timon from The Lion King
> Bing Bong from Inside Out
> Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

All for the regular $5/month Apple Arcade subscription fee without ads or in-app purchases.

The players can use the special powers of the chosen characters like Elsa’s special ability to freeze anybody, Ralph’s massive hands to smash and crush to defeat the opponent, and earn points for their unique moves against the opponent and for the quick kills.

The rankings of the players will be declared in the end based on the points earned throughout the fight.

“Each champion will appear in a distinct action-ready design equipped with their own set of iconic moves and unlockable cosmetics. Throughout 5-minute matches bursting with battle arena action, players will need to score the most points – or defeat the opposing team as many times as they can,” said Apple in its official report.

Disney Melee Mania is developed by Mighty Bear Games in a 3V3 MOBA-style brawler.

“We’re thrilled to work with Disney to bring these beloved characters to the first-ever Disney and Pixar battle arena game, available exclusively on Apple Arcade,” said Simon Davis, Mighty Bear CEO in a report.

Disney Melee Mania is made available in the AppStore of Apple devices running iOS13, iPadOS13, macOS Catalina, and tvOS13, and above.


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