Mysore Dasara 2019 :

India is a heritage to countless blissful things and is exclusively known for its diverse culture, art, tradition, and celebration unlike anywhere else on the planet.

Pack your bags for one of the greatest royal festivals of Incredible India is about to come to life.

Mysore Dasara 2019
29th September – 08th October

A royal festival celebrating the victory of truth over evil. It’s a grand festival that rejoices the magnificence of ancient art, ancestral tradition and historical culture with a touch of modern celebration.

> It’s one of the oldest festivals in the world which is more than 4 centuries old.
> It’s a grand 10 days’ festival with the most unique aspect of celebrations that can be found nowhere else on Earth.

Mysore Dasara can be considered as the grand fest for people of all ages.

Piece of History :

> Legend says that these are the days Goddess Durga fought and slew the most terrible demon Mahishasura.
> Mysore Dasara celebration was 1st started in the year 1610 by the Wodeyar king, Raja Wodeyar I to celebrate the triumph of truth over evil.

Don’t Miss the Celebration of Mysore Dasara 2019 :

Mysore Dasara is a world-renowned royal celebration. People from around the world eagerly wait to witness and embrace the mystical celebration of the grand Dasara.

The land of mystical history, Mysore is all ready to host this mega event just like as beautiful as ever.

The Majestic Mysore Palace :

The whole city is preparing to cast a grand light show that will blow your mind away.

For 10 grand days, Mysore will shine as if the heaven has showered a billion sparkling stars upon it. The crown jewel of Mysore, the Grand Mysore Palace is the epicenter of the whole event.

Grand mysore palace

The Grand Mysore Palace is illuminated with 1,00,000 light bulbs. About 1,00,00,000 Indian Rupees is spent annually towards the maintenance of its illumination alone and more than 25,000 bulbs are replaced every year just before the grand Dasara. The grand Mysore Palace will be the bride of the wedding.

Interesting Fact: Mysore Palace has a gold-plated dome about 145 feet from the ground.

Mysore Palace is a hoard of magnificence. The majestic hall of the palace, Durbar hall with its precisely sculpted pillars, fragile chandeliers, ornate ceilings, cast-iron pillars, and peacock designed Belgian stained glass is one of the extraordinary attractions not to be missed.

The epitome of the palace, the pride of Wodeyars, the token of their sovereignty, ‘The majestic and supreme jewel studded golden throne’ is a one of a kind in the world, that will be displayed during the Dasara festival.

Mysore palace golden throne

Mysore Dasara 2019 Celebration :

The celebration is way beyond your wildest expectations. The vibe of the Dasara celebration will resonate in every single cell of your body.

The grand 10 days celebration endowed with diverse cultural traditions and heritage where you get a chance to rejoice the history of the celebration of a culture rich country is truly one in a million grand occasions that you don’t wanna miss.

During the celebration, each day is dedicated to the specific Goddess of power and is popularly known as Navarathri. Every single day is a chance to rejoice the cultural celebration. All these days will be lit up by the grand feast of art and culture.

> Artists from around the country display the best of their talents and skills in the palace.
> Sports enthusiasts can quench their thirst with the best sports and traditionally preserved activities on these days.
> Foodies won’t be disappointed as the diverse all-you-can-eat traditional buffet of the country awaits them.

> Film festival will be witnessed by a large number of people across the world.
> For the people who love books and history will not be disappointed as a massive exhibition of the fathomless history, culture, tradition, art, and science will be awaiting in the ‘Doddakere Maidana’.

The 6th day will be dedicated to the ‘Goddess of Knowledge, Goddess Saraswathi‘. The day will be anything but normal, people from all over the world come here to witness the celebration in the royal palace by the royal Wodeyar family.

With the greatest events of the celebration saved for the last. The last 4 days are the most awaited of them all. It will have the best processions the world has ever seen with a massive cultural heritage to share.

The processions will be more than a mile long with the grandest inclusion of large band troops, massive dance groups, monumental decorated floats that depict the ancient mythical events and the glorious parade of the armed troop.

The 10th day popularly known as Vijayadashami is the D-day of the celebrations. It will be the day the whole world’s eagerly waiting for. The day of Jamboo Savari[Elephant Parade].

Jamboo savari in mysore dasara

It’s a procession like nothing else in the world in which the idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari is placed in the golden chariot on an Elephant which marches in the streets of Mysore along with its goliath herd. It’s like the golden times of history has come to life, only 1000x brighter.

Interesting Fact: The Golden chariot is made of pure solid gold that weighs 750 kgs.

The grand procession begins at the Mysore Palace and ends at the Bannimantap grounds.

Route of the Procession: Mysore Palace > Albert Road > Sayyaji Rao Road > Bamboo Bazar > Highway Circle > Bannimantap

The chariot reaching Bannimantap will be the conclusion of this monumental grand celebration.

Mysore Dasara is like the oldest preserved honey served in a golden bowl. Witnessing it all by yourself will give you some of the best days to remember in life. This is one of the countless immense treasures of the Incredible India.


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