Best Places to visit in Bangkok :

Bangkok is one big place with a massive package for adventure, ancient history, fun, curiosity, culture, and diversity of beautiful Thailand.

She is also known as…

> The City of Angels
> Land of Drunken Pleasures
> Heart of Life
> Mother of Diverse Food

In short, it’s a ‘Haven for man-made beauty and fun’. The famous movie ‘Hangover II’ might remind you of how good can the fun in Bangkok be…

These are the Best Places to Visit in Bangkok

Grand ‘Grand Palace’ :

This spectacular place is the mirror of Thailand’s beautiful history and culture and is undoubtedly the city’s most iconic landmark.

The Grand Palace was built in 1782 and was home to Thai Kings for almost 150 years. The most spectacular architecture reflects the fine creativity and craftsmanship of the Thai people.

Grand palace in bangkok

It has a Central Grand Court, King’s Throne, Massive Halls, Court for the Royal King’s Consorts, Daughters and many more.

Within the complex lies the gem of the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, the temple of Emerald Buddha. It houses the world-famous and greatly revered ancient Emerald Buddha carved from a single block of Jade that dates back to the 14th Century. It’s a fine crown jewel of Thai people’s extraordinary history and skills.

You need to follow this to enter the Grand Palace…

The place is open to visitors from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm. A visitor must wear a non-revealing dress before entering the Palace as this place has a strict dress code due to its sacred ancient history.

Men must wear long pants and shirts with sleeves, no bare feet.

Women can wear anything that’s non-revealing and no bare feet.

But if a visitor shows up with the broken dress code, there is a booth near the entrance that provides clothes to cover up appropriately (it’s free but a deposit is required to make sure the cloth is returned).

Beware: The scammers might ask you to buy the clothes outside the Grand Palace but don’t fall for it.

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Experience ‘Muay Thai’ :

Muay Thai is a traditional centuries-old combat sport of Thailand. It is also famously known as the “art of eight limbs”.

It is so popular that people from around the world visit Thailand just to witness ‘Muay Thai’ in its traditional ground with the world-class fighters in the ring.

Muay thai

You can witness ‘Muay Thai’ in some of the best stadiums in Bangkok. Ticket prices range from free to 2000 Bahts.

These are the best stadiums with a standard price range (or) even for free.

1. Rajadamnern Stadium :

Ticket Price :

1000 Bahts – 3rd Row
1500 Bahts – 2nd Row
2000 Bahts – Ringside

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2. Lumpinee Stadium :

Ticket Price :

1000 Bahts – 3rd Row
1500 Bahts – 2nd Row
2000 Bahts – Ringside

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3. Omnoi Stadium

Ticket Price:

500 Bahts-any rows…

4. Channel 7 Stadium

Free to enter…

But remember: Every stadium has different working days, so know it before you reach it. Because you aren’t planning to visit Bangkok to stare at an empty ring in an empty stadium, are you…?

Wat Pho Temple :

What better way can there possibly be in Bangkok other than a fantastic traditional body massage to relax your whole and soul. Even though there are 100’s of Massage Spas in Bangkok, ‘Wat Pho Temple’, the temple of reclining Buddha stands out as traditionally as ever.

It is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok. It was there even before Bangkok was established as the capital.

Wat pho temple bangkok

This beautiful place houses the largest collection of Buddha’s relics and images in Thailand, and on top of all stands the mammoth-sized 46 meter long ‘reclining Buddha’ that attracts every peace-loving soul around it and from all over the world.

Reclining buddha

The giant marble illustrations and inscriptions placed in the shrine is recognized by UNESCO.

This place also houses a school of Thai medicine and most important of all, it’s considered as the birthplace of the traditional ‘Thai Massage’. It’s the most on-demand place in the whole of Thailand for traditional Thai massage.

It’s an ancient huge, open place that lacks the ambiance of a Spa but packs the actual tradition of Thailand.

The price here is quite high compared to a typical massage Spa [A normal foot massage is priced at around 250-300 Bahts, but here it’s 450 Bahts].

It’s worth the price because of its cultural history and its traditional skills in hand. But the place is always occupied because of its high demand.

Note: No erotic play massage…

Do not leave Bangkok without a relaxing Thai massage…

Khao San Food Street

Bangkok is known for its street food and no other place is better than ‘Khao San Road’ that’s exclusive for street food.

Khao San Road is the wonderland of Bangkok street food. This place will burn the soul of any food lover to its core for sure with its delicious, flavorous diverse tasty food.

Khao san food street

The diversity of food in taste and aroma is more than anywhere else. Well, to make you understand you can have 1 new dish every single day. 7 days a week, 30 days a month, and 365 days a year straight.

It’s the best place to let lose the hungry beast in you to satisfy your craving with the mouth-watering dishes. Here, the variety of dishes is greater than the days you can count in a year.

Here are some of the mouthwatering to name a few… Pad Thai without Egg, Pad Thai with Egg, Pad Thai with Chicken, Roasted Red Pork, Rice Spring Rolls, Grilled Thai Chicken and Pork, Sticky Rice, Khao Phat.

Khao san street foods

And Thailand is also famous for its exotic appetite for voracious insects. If you are a soul in search of exotic and once in a lifetime experience. Here are a few food taboos in Thailand.

Oil Fried Scorpions, Chili Coated Cockroaches, Spicy Larvae, Sweet Toad Legs, Roasted Crabs, and many more. Which would you choose…?

Accommodation in Khao San Road :

Khao San Road is one of the best places to stay for backpackers. The accommodation varies from low, medium budget to moderate luxurious. The place is a backpacker’s friendly neighborhood as the place has every single thing a traveler needs.

Khao san road

And the nights at Khao San Road is anything but ordinary. The streets get from better to best as the night takes on. The local fun pumping music, dance battles on the street, an unlimited buffet of delicacies. All these make Khao San Road the heartbeat of nightlife.

Shoppers Destination ‘Siam’ :

Siam is the shopping capital of Bangkok, its a shopper’s paradise. Siam has diverse platforms to shop. Malls, Markets, Street Stores, Shops on Wheels… you name it…

Some of the best shopping malls are rooted in Siam…

> Siam Paragon Shopping Mall
> Siam Center Shopping Mall
> The Legendary Central World Shopping Mall 
> Platinum Fashion Mall 
> Erawan Shopping Center
> Gaysorn Village

If you wanna have real fun in shopping then don’t miss to visit the super famous MBK Shopping Mall which is popularly known as ‘The Fake Market’ where you get all kinds of products ranging from electronics, fabrics, housewares, artifacts ladies weapons (cosmetics) and much more. 

Mbk shopping center

Here the talkers gonna be the winners. It’s the best place to test your bargaining skills.

Siam has some of the best amusement parks in the world. It has the…

> Siam Park City
> Siam Water Park that holds the world record for the longest water slide and the biggest wave pool.

Note: Its open from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

If you wanna feast your eyes and have the best experience of your lifetime. Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World can make that happen. It is under the Siam Paragon Shopping Mall… Once you enter the ocean world, it looks like a ‘Mermaids’ Party House’

There are around 30,000 astonishing marine creatures from all around the world and much more to explore. It’s a must-visit place in Bangkok.

Time: It’s open from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm. 

Green Valley ‘Silom’ :

Lumpini Park: It’s the green expanse in the middle of the City, it was named after the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal.

It’s 142 acres of lush green vegetation, clean ponds and walkways are the best to make you soak in the moment of relaxation.

Lumpini park in bangkok

You can even have the paddle boat experience in the calm water. It’s like an oasis in the desert. And if you are lucky enough, you might get an extra bonus of getting a glimpse of the water monitor lizard that are the residents of the park.

Note: Do not try to feed them with your bare hand or you might lose a finger or two. This place is best suited for the seekers of joy in green.

Bangkok Snake Farm :

Silom’s famous Snake Farm is the place of slithering beauties. Snake Farm is a part of Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute that’s here to educate people about the coexistence of humans with these magnificent creatures without harming or distributing them and to teach us to avoid unnecessary conflicts due to our poor knowledge.

Snake farm

There are dozens of different species, some vibrantly colored, some camouflage to their surroundings like the famous Flying Snake, Tree Snake, Rat Snake. Some are cute and tiny, some ginormous, venomous like the King Cobra, Pit Viper, Black Mamba.

Fun Fact: Every single snake species in the world can swim.

SkyBar :

It’s one of the best sky bars in the world…

Skybar best places to visit in bangkokImage source: Wikimedia

SkyBar sits on top of the Lebua State Tower. It offers the best view that Bangkok can offer. It’s a whole new level of experience to experience at least once in a lifetime.

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Magnificent Bangkok is much more when you visit to truly experience it.

Bangkok Travel Tip :

> Book a taxi only if you are traveling in a group with serious luggage, because it would cost around 400-450 Bahts if you are either single or in a group for a taxi.

> If you are a solo traveler, then take the BTS Skytrain to travel around the city as it costs less than a taxi fare. Skytrain is linked to almost every part of the city.

> If you are planning to stay for more than a week, get a rechargeable ‘Rabbit Card’ to travel so that you don’t have to wait in line for hours to get your tickets.

> Beware of taxi scammers – Taxis are quite cheap and board the taxi only after turning on the clean meter. Do not accept if they offer a flat price because tourists are fooled by offering a price that is 3-4 times higher than normal. Keep a track of your ride on your GPS as they might circle around your destination to run the meter high.

Accommodation – Check the reviews of the hotel before you book because sometimes the pictures are not what it actually is…


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