Best Carry-on Luggage for a Traveler :

Traveling gets to a whole new level of comfort when ‘travel packing’ isn’t a real pain in a**. Messy luggage only means one thing, messy travel.

Tired of packing and unpacking to search for a little thing that’s missing in the suitcase, not finding the right thing at the right time or even worse not finding it at all in your luggage will not only ruin your mood but will also skyrocket your stress level through the roof.

It’s a problem faced by travelers since the stone age. Well, luckily, this annoying ancient problem ends now with the best solution that’ll make this problem only the thing of the past.

Carry-on Closet 2.0
The ultimate solution to luggage problems…

Best Carry-on Luggage by Solgaard :

Solgaard is an innovative brand that comes up with a solution to a problem in an eco-friendly style. The Carry-on Closet 2.0 Lifepack by Solgaard is the new and best version of the regular carry-on hard-sided roller case category.

Solgaard carry on luggage

The latest problem-solving design for packing that has a removable shelving system / collapsible closet which can be stretched out to pack and then neatly tuck inside the suitcase for the most comfortable packing and unpacking experience is exclusive to the latest Solgaard Lifepack ‘Carry-on Closet’.

How Durable is the Carry-on Closet 2.0 Lifepack…?

Our search for the best carry-on roller pack was focused on many criteria, and durability is one of them.

And the Carry-on Closet 2.0 did not disappoint us. It’s a hard-sided roller suitcase made of strong polycarbonate shell reinforced with an aluminum frame that makes it a perfectly strong Lifepack.

The Carry-on is backed by a 10-year warranty. The manufacturers claim that this polycarbonate shell is virtually indestructible.

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Cool Specifications and Features of the Best Carry-on Luggage…

Design :

The Lifepack is engineered to set a trend for ‘travel in style’. The premium german polycarbonate comes in jet black and the reinforced aluminum frame in a gunmetal grey that looks super cool to travel in style. It’s exclusively built for travelers who frequently travel on business trips.

Mobility :

Eight 360° wheels of high-standard quality ensure feather-smooth glide while you walk or run. The strong telescoping handle with a plush grip pad for comfort is solid-stiff and is rattle-free during maneuvering, unlike most others.

Locking System :

This is one of the best features of the Carry-on Closet 2.0. Unlike most of the bags having zippers that often cause trouble during packing (or) unpacking.

Carry-on Closet 2.0 can be opened effortlessly in a pinch. It is upgraded with TSA approved 3 digits lock system that spells death to the problem of searching for the keys. The lock sits under the side handle offering easy access into your packed world.

Solgaard locking system

Interior of the Carry-on Closet :

This is the key specification of the Lifepack that sets it apart from the crowd. And this is definitely one of the most enticing features that make Carry-on Closet 2.0  the best carry-on luggage. Unlike other suitcases where you need a search party to find what you’re looking for, Carry-on Closet 2.0 is equipped with a removable self-supporting shelving system / collapsible closet that can be stretched out to categorize and arrange your stuff hassle-free.

After a perfect categorization and arrangement, the shelf can be collapsed, compressed and fit perfectly into the case. It can be strapped securely with the inbuilt safety strap. 

Unpacking and rearranging in a hotel’s closet is now the last thing you’ll need to worry about. The shelf can be hung from the suitcase handle, creating a mobile shelf whenever on the go.

The shelf can also be detached to access more space to pack something bigger than the usual or if you just like to pack in an old traditional style. The interior lining of the case is made of a short hex, a durable product recycled out of the discarded plastic in the ocean.

This is what makes Solgaard unique, for every product sold, the company pulls out 5 pounds of plastic from the ocean which adds the customer contribution too to clean up our oceans.

The large mesh pocket on the inner wall of the suitcase is designed for shoes (or) dirty clothes as it comes with a laundry bag too.

To catch-up with the fast-paced world, the suitcase has a USB-charging port on the frame outside to charge your mobile phone whenever on-the-go. But it does not come with a solar power bank, USB port is provided for the external power bank.

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 The best Carry-on Luggage in action…

Carry-on Closet size :

It comes in 2 different sizes…

Solgaard’s design and engineering is pretty impressive with the ‘Carry-on Closet 2.0’. Its pro-design and durability make Closet 2.0 one of the best carry-on Luggage out there.

Our user experience with the Carry-on Closet 2.0 makes us come to the conclusion that ‘Carry-on Closet 2.0’ is the best Carry-on luggage for the short trips/business trips based on our survey.

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