Amazon Echo Buds :

The house of Amazon has proudly launched its Echo device to bring ‘Alexa’ from the house to the open world.

A device that makes you feel the presence of your virtual assistant ‘Alexa’ closer than ever before. The latest inclusion to the Amazon Echo family, Amazon’s best and affordable earbuds of true performance. A serious rookie in the world of audio technology with the best quality sound-performance.

Amazon Echo Buds
Immersive sound and Alexa on the go…

It’s time to have your personal virtual assistant ‘Alexa’ with you, whenever on the go, 24×7. Echo Buds are the formidable piece of tech by Amazon that suits better in the list of ‘Next-gen Gadgets’ with its AI bridging feature. Amazon earbuds are equipped with some of the cutting-edge technologies in the world, yet it’s feather-smooth to use.

Amazon echo buds

Echo Buds are the delicate bridge to seamless interaction between AI and human [a bridge that fits in your ears]. Amazon Echo Buds are the true next-gen wireless earbuds.

Amazon Echo Buds Exclusive Features…

Immersive Sound : 

Immersive sound performance is the core purpose of any ‘audible’ piece of technology.

So, does Amazon Echo Buds bring justice to the statement…?

Well… fortunately yes it does…

These earbuds are extremely built for immersive sound audibility with crisp and dynamic audio. All thanks to its exclusive technology ‘Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology’ and sealed in-ear design.

Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology :

This technology helps to significantly reduce the background noise when in crowded areas. The device is equipped with Pass-through mode which enables you to simply switch into either Noise reduction mode or Noise pass-through mode with just a double-tap on the side of the earbud or can be done with your voice [There’s no manual volume control button]. All you need to do is just say her name, and tell her what to do.

Hands-free with Alexa :

It truly feels great to have a personal virtual assistant standing-by awaiting command in this fast-paced world.

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> Play / Narrate audio-books, stream music, make calls (or) get directions. Your words are the command to your audible entertainment, no limb-action required.
> You can even ask to skip songs (or) switch artists. All you need to do is just say the word and you have it.

Amazon Echo Buds are Smart :

> Earbuds are equipped with advanced sensors that automatically pauses playback when any of those earbuds are removed.
> ‘Alexa’ takes care of the app-related tasks whether if you wanna book tickets, order food (or) request rideshare… Just say the word and it’s done.
> Each Earbud has 3 microphones to hear you clearly.

Support: Echo Buds aren’t just exclusive to ‘Alexa’, it also supports access to Siri (or) Google Assistant but only from the supported devices.

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Protection :

The device is strongly designed to protect the privacy of a user.

> According to Amazon, it’s built with multiple layers of privacy protections and controls, that include the capacity to mute the mics using the Alexa app on a phone.
> They are IPX4 water-resistant against sweat, light rain, and splashes.

How Long Does it Last…?

> Well, Amazon Echo Buds can live for up to 5 hours of music playback with a single full charge.
> With the charging case, music playback can be extended up to 20 hours.
> Amazon claims that 15 minutes of quick charging can sustain the earbuds for up to 2 hours.

Earbuds Case :

It is significantly larger compared to the ‘Air Pods’ Case. A small drawback of the case is that it doesn’t have wireless charging. It charges via Micro USB and not Type-C USB.

Perfect Fit :

The Earbuds have sealed in-ear design and can be customized for a perfect fit to optimize the audio as it comes with 3 different sizes of ear-tips and wingtips. This allows the user to feel every minute detail of the audio.

How Much Does it Cost…?

With all these exclusive features it’s priced at $129.99 which makes Amazon Echo Buds the best affordable Earbuds of the season.

Check out the Comparison Table :

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This is a sponsored post with Amazon. All the opinions are 100% our own…

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