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The evolution of technology is revolutionizing the way we look at things. I mean literally how we look at things.

For instance, only a few years ago, it was painstakingly difficult to get some amazing shots of rock-climbing that took the efforts of a huge camera-crew.

But now the action cameras make it as easy as a walk in a park. You can just strap the action camera on your wrist or mount it on your helmet and just carry on with your business while the camera does what it’s meant to do. Action cameras are truly the life-savers of capturing moments in adrenaline-pumping action-sports.

But it’s quite tricky to select the best sports-action camera that suits you well under a decent budget when there are a ton of options out there.

Which is the best sports-action camera for a decent budget?

Well, it definitely was difficult to find the right answer to this question as there are many fine action-cameras with competing features. But my persistent search did gradually find its winner.

Oclu Action Camera

This is by far one of the best-looking action cameras I have laid my hands on compared to the expensive models too. But of course, looks only isn’t enough to consider it the best, is it…? So, let’s dive in to see what the Oclu action camera has in its pocket.

Design :

Usually, a typical action camera looks like a matchbox with the front-facing camera and a screen on the back, but the design of the Oclu action camera is unlike any other camera out there.

Oclu action camera

It’s sleek and built aerodynamically to reduce the wind drag and give the latest pro-look when mounted on to something as it’s almost half the height of GoPro Hero8.

Well, it did give a new look when I mounted it on my helmet, unlike other action cameras that sometimes looked like a mini display board on the head.

And it has a roof-display which is excellent when it’s chest-mounted as it gives you the privilege to check your shots on the go without even touching it. All you have to do is just look down and you have it.

Oclu chest mount

A little downside of it is you cannot see the screen when it’s held above your head, but it can be leveled by connecting the feed to your smartphone.

It has independent microphones on the front and on top for better sound quality. The camera has a built-in 1/4” mounting thread on its bottom side. This feature gives diverse versatility and efficiency when mounting on to anything anywhere. Overall, the design of the Oclu action camera definitely stands out of the crowd.

Features of Oclu action camera

Camera :

It is equipped with a 12MP camera on the front that has the resolution capacity of 4K at 30FPS and 1080p at 120FPS. And the recording quality is pretty impressive with better color contrast and sharpness in the footage.

The quality of the footage indeed assures its 4K capacity. Even the shot in the low-light conditions is way satisfying.

Video capturing aspects on the Oclu action camera :

Oclu action camera video resolution

> 4K 16:9 @ 30FPS
> 2.7K 16:9 @ 30FPS in Wide (or) SuperView FOV
> 2.7K 4:3 @ 30FPS
> 2.5K 16:9 @ 60/30FPS
> 1440p 4:3 @ 30/60FPS

Full HD 1080p @ 120,60,30FPS and 30,60FPS in SuperView mode. It even has 960p @ 120,60,30FPS and 720p @ 30,60,120,240FPS in Wide and SuperView FOV mode.

With this versatile capacity, 4K and 1080p are the most opted resolutions that work great for almost all the conditions.

Image Stability :

Well, this is one of the key features for the action-cameras and it is pretty good in the Oclu cam. The stability is better with 1080p @ 30/60FPS. Compared to GoPro Hero8, it is a little less but it is the best-stabilized sports-action camera under a decent budget you can find out there.

Special Features :

> Live Cut – This is probably the first-of-its-kind in action cameras I have come across. If you are an on-spot perfectionist, this feature is definitely for you as it offers you the privilege to delete the undesired shots on the spot while recording. This feature is to reduce the load of unwanted footages that eat up your card-space.

Oclu live cut mode

With this feature, if you don’t like it just chop it. And I think its absolutely cool. But when in the Live Cut mode, you need to hold the camera and be ready to cut it as there isn’t a review option. As soon as you clip the unwanted footage, the camera continues recording from the segment you clipped. It would have been way cooler if it could be done through the app.

> Quick-toggle Mode – This is a good feature for those who are always on their toes. You can select 4 quick-toggle shooting modes out of the eight available options for quick access with the flick of a button. No need to go into the settings to select your desired mode, it’s just a flick.

> One Touch Record – This is for sure the most desired feature for not-to-miss moments that may be gone in a few seconds. With this feature activated on your action camera, as soon as you see the moment you wanna capture before it disappears, just press the Power/Record button and the camera does it for you.

Oclu action camera video recording

And then you just press the same button to turn off the camera. It’s that simple. It can even be controlled using the app. This is definitely one of the highlighting features to consider it the best sports-action camera under budget.

> Water Resistance – The camera is IPX7 water-resistant which means you can use it up to 1 meter in water for 30 mins as soon as it’s out of the box.

But if you wanna go deeper, use its waterproof case, the OcShell which is sold separately. And with the case, you can dive up to the depths of 50m (164 ft).

> Battery – Oclu action camera has 1000mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery which gives 90 minutes of recording time when it’s fully charged.

In idle mode, when it’s turned on and not recording, it can run up to 135 mins with the display on and 310 mins if the display is off. But we obviously use it to record mostly rather than just keeping it turned on, and I don’t think it makes a big difference.

But what makes it unique is that it uses the magnetic waves to charge using the OcSnap magnetic USB charging cable. It’s just super easy and safe to connect.

Oclu magnetic usb charging

The same cable can be used to connect your Oclu action camera to your PC or any other device to share the data. The device can be paired with your smartphone using the Oclu App to get the live feed from the camera through Wi-Fi.

The action camera cannot be turned on remotely using the Oclu app but can be turned off with it and I have no clue about why they have only given the turn-off feature remotely and not for turn-on.

Oclu android app

Overview of Oclu action camera…

Well, considering its uniqueness, performance, durability, and everything else, Oclu Action Camera is indeed the best sports-action camera for a decent budget.

If you wanna have the accessories that suit the camera anywhere anytime, you need to buy them separately as they are sold separately.

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Oclu action camera specifications…

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