Moto G Power : 

Motorola is well known for its best smartphones for a decent budget, but does the Moto G Power live up to the reputation…?

Let’s find out…

Moto G Power is the latest in the line of Motorola’s G series with some unexpectedly spiking features.

The most highlighting feature of the device is it is equipped with a monstrous 5000 mAh battery which the company claims can power the smartphone for 3 long days.

Features of Moto G Power


The new G Power looks a bit different than its classic predecessors. For instance, the traditional Motorola branding is removed from the bottom bezel and its screen-to-body ratio is bigger than Motorola G7 Power.

The device stands 6.29” tall and weighs 199 grams. The design is quite great to blend in the 21st century.

Moto g power


Moto G Power is equipped with 6.4” FHD+ Max Vision Display. The resolution spikes up to 2,300×1080 for 399 pixels per inch density and has a 19:9 aspect ratio. It has IPS-display technology.

Overall, the design and display are great and are good enough to tackle the Sun’s glare while using under direct sunlight.


Moto G Power has a 6000 series aluminum frame with glass front and plastic back. It’s kind of a churned up mixture.

The display-edges slightly overlap the phone’s frame that may make the device a bit vulnerable to scratches. But a small drawback is that it does not have an official IP rating. The durability isn’t that promising.

Moto g power display


The device comes with Android 10 powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor making multitasking and switching between a dozen apps seamless.

It has a 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage, out of which 48GB will be vacant for usage as 16GB will be consumed by the inbuilt software.

Well, 48GB is way more than enough for moderate users like me. Trust me, I had a smartphone with only 16GB capacity. But if you do need more storage space, it can be enhanced up to 512Gb with a micro SD Card.

Moto G Power has its perks in its User Interface (UI) as Motorola has embedded its Classic UI with its unique ‘quick gestures’ for the easy and quick response.

For instance, if you wanna take a screenshot, all you have to do is tap the screen with 3 fingers. It’s quite handy in times. These handy features are truly impressive in a phone for just $250.


Moto G Power has a triple camera system on its rear side with a 16MP primary lens, 8MP ultra-wide lens, and a 2MP macro lens having f/1.7, f/2.2, and f/2.2 apertures respectively. And has a 16MP selfie camera with an f/2.0 aperture.

Motorola g power cameras

These cameras do a fine job with good light. But the cameras are a little less satisfying compared to the expensive models.


With dual stereo speakers tuned by Dolby, Moto G Power has an excellent audio quality compared to other smartphones of the same price range.

Provided with dual microphones, the external Noise Cancellation is quite highlighting. The 3.5 mm headset jack sits at the bottom of the device.


Well, this is the most appreciating feature of the G Power. The device has a monstrous 5000 mAh battery which the manufacturer claims that it can provide a 3-days battery life when fully charged.

However, I only sustained it for 2 days 4 hrs on moderate usage. And on continuous use of online streaming, it survived for almost 19 hrs which is pretty impressive making it the best budget-friendly device in terms of battery-juice.

Highlights :

Pros: Cons:
> Outstanding battery life > Hazy durability
> Can be used globally under all networks bands > Moderate camera capacity
> Excellent audio quality

Conclusion :

Well, for a friendly $249 budget, G Power really packs a good performance with colossal battery life along with classy 6.4” display making it the best smartphone under a decent budget.

Specifications :

This is a sponsored post with Motorola. All the opinions are 100% our own…

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