Tesla’s Paint Shop :

Tesla, one of the world’s most advanced electric vehicle manufacturers is all geared up to enhance its advancement by upgrading one of the most important sectors in automobile-manufacturing.

Tesla’s Paint Shop in Berlin…

The world of automation will have a whole new concept for paint job with Tesla’s advancement which most probably might be the 1st of it’s kind.

It was confirmed by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk in his latest podcast with the Third Row Crew of the company. Tesla’s Paint Shop in its newest Giga factory in Berlin, Germany, will be getting the upgrade to build the new concept paint shop.

According to a report, Elon Musk explained that Tesla’s paint shop will be equipped with the most advanced technology to paint a car that gives 3D finishing by coating multiple layers of paint based on the changing curvature that can intensify the depth and vibrancy of the colors. And he also added that the color can change with the curvature when viewed from different dimensions unlike the results of any traditional methods used today.

CEO Elon Musk said, “If you get dimension, there’s something called a flop, where you see the change in color with curvature. If you can do something like lay down a gloss layer then down a layer with color tint, then lay down another gloss layer, you can get kind of a 3D feeling to the paint. It just pops. It’s so much better than anything else. We’re going to do this in Berlin for the 1st time.”

Tesla’s paint shop in Giga Berlin will be initiated to apply this multi-layered method only for the Model Y Compact SUVs as this is the only model manufactured in Giga Berlin at present.

Elon Musk said, “From the beginning, the Berlin paint shop will be capable of a lot more layers of paint. Over time, we will upgrade the factory in Fremont and Shangai, but it’s quite hard to change the paint shop once it’s designed.”

And as per the cost, Elon Musk in the podcast confirmed that it would only cost around $55 (50 Euros) for the paint job per car and put on approximately $550 (500 Euros) of value to the car.

While on the podcast, the team also talked about redesigning one of its existing models and the increase in efficiency of Model Y.

Tesla is a company propelled by high-spirit innovation. The improvisation and evolution of technology in Tesla is by far quicker than most others out there. And the innovation in Tesla’s Paint Shop has created a ripple effect for more innovative ideas within the company.

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