Tokyo Olympics 2020 :

International Olympic Committee Directors have confirmed that the OLYMPIC GAMES TOKYO 2020 has been postponed to the 2021’s summer due to the COVID-19 Pandemic plaguing the world.

Japan, the land of rising Sun. One of the most beautiful countries in the world has prospered in almost every dimension known to man.

It’s a country of rich culture, tradition, harmony, technological super advancement and spiced up with diverse food and scenic beauty of the place.

Tokyo Olympics 2020

[Friday, 24th July – Sunday, 9th August]
Will be the mirror of everything.

Japan has successfully hosted 3 Olympics. With the technological super advancement in the hope of making Olympics 2020 the best eco-friendly sporting event ever in history, Japan’s all getting warmed up for the landmark success of its vision.

Olympics 2020 will spread its wings in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. The metropolitan city celebrated for its diverse neighborhood boasting, food delicacy, stunning architecture, technological advancement, and super transport system.

Tokyo metropolitan city [japan]

> It’s a supercity frequently listed among the world’s safest.

Japan has pledged to make Olympics 2020 the best one ever by taking the sports and its fans on an enticing journey to the future. The preparations for the super-advanced eco-friendly event is already in motion.

The ‘Olympic Committee’ has revealed the advancement of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and it’s definitely futuristic.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 Mobility Advancement by Toyota

Toyota, the worldwide partner of the Olympics is ready to go with the cutting edge innovation and sustainable mobility solutions for the upcoming grand event.

The event will have a fleet of driver-less cars, facial recognition technology, and AI will be at their best.

The vision of this advanced mobility concept is to make sure that the transposition to be hassle-free, fun and comfortable in the most eco-friendly style ever.

Concept of Toyota “Mobility for All” :

Accessible People Mover [APM] :

APM is 5 people [except driver] electric shuttling vehicle with 3 rows of comfy seats [including driver’s row] the 2nd row can be folded to increase the space for those using wheelchairs.

> It’s designed to commute people, exclusively people with impairments, pregnant women, families with young children and elderly.
> Each APM has a 62 miles range with a max speed of up to 12mph. According to, 200 short distance battery vehicles will be deployed by Toyota for safe and comfortable transport.

e-Palette :

This vehicle looks like a concept straight out of the sci-fi movie ‘i-Robot’. It’s an automated driverless e-powered vehicle which will be responsible for the smooth movement of athletes and staff in and around the Olympic and Paralympic village. It will revolutionize the idea of smart green transportation.

E-palette vehicle in tokyo olympics 2020

Fuel Cell Forklift :

It’s a revolutionary industrious vehicle created by Toyota Industries Corporation.

The Fuel Cell Forklift is the latest eco-friendly, zero-emission, first of its kind vehicle that will propel eco-friendly industrialization.

> And it’s ready to show the world by supporting mobility during Tokyo Olympics 2020 venues.

JPN Taxi :

It’s a futuristic people-friendly taxi that’s incorporated with the spirit of Japanese hospitality.

> It’s brilliantly designed, low flat-floor and wide-opening rear sliding door for easy accessibility to the elderly, impaired.
> The vehicle is designed for environmental performance by employing the latest developed ‘Liquified Petroleum Gas [LPG] Hybrid System’ which drastically reduces the Co2 emission.
> JPN Taxi’s waiting to contribute to emission-free Olympics.


It’s a complete & perfect project deployment of a future green world.

> The MIRAI is an ultimate eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell supercar with an absolute zero-emission green technology.
> This Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle [FCEV] is just the tip of a ‘green revolution’ iceberg of the future.
> The Car is 100% free from the harmful emissions.

You can have a look at it in the streets of Tokyo once Olympics 2020 is commenced.

SORA [Fuel Cell Bus] :

It’s an anti-fossil fueled bus that purely runs on Hydrogen Fuel Cell.

SORA is an acronym for sky, Ocean, River, and Air that represents our planet’s water cycle. With the rising Co2 level as the main concern, SORA is deployed to combat the emission of harmful gases.

> It has its own emergency power source in case of any disaster.
> The bus is equipped with 8 advanced cameras for 360° sensing.
> The ‘Acceleration Control Function’ enables smooth acceleration by suppressing sudden acceleration in contemplation to the safety of standing passengers.
> Be prepared to roam the Tokyo Streets in Earth-affable vehicles, eco-friendly way.

Toyota Concept-i :

Now, this is the star of the show.

Toyota Concept-i is a super-advanced futuristic earth-friendly car with the latest and sophisticated AI technology ‘YUI’ which can actually understand your emotions.

Toyota concept-i supercar

> The car looks completely futuristic and so does its cool next-gen features.
> The AI is like the soul of the car which makes it feel more alive.
> You can actually sleep when the car drives for you [Auto-Drive Function]. Biometric sensors enable to read your acute emotions and have a conversation based on it.

This technology will take us closer than ever before to the goal of creating super-advanced, safe, comfortable and Fun transportation in a greenway.

Note: The Automated driving feature will be demonstrated only in the chosen areas of Tokyo.

Walking Area BEV :

These are simple yet advanced mobility concepts that are very easy and simple to use.

These BEVs are more stabilized and will be used to support the eco-friendly Tokyo 2020 mobility.

Road Surface Technology :

Well, all these super-advanced vehicles need a better road to perform.

As the roads in Tokyo are better already, we can’t ask for much. Since Tokyo is living in the future, the road technology has been super-enhanced.

With Tokyo’s weather expected to be hot and humid during the time of Olympics, the roads are paved with ‘heat-blocking road surface’ which can reduce the road temp. by 8°.

Tokyo 2020 Robot Project :

Get ready to celebrate the future in Tokyo.

The project is to ensure Tokyo Olympics 2020 will be the most advanced and innovative ever, with the concept robots hoped to give visiting fans and those watching remotely, the best experience they are likely to remember for eternity.

Types of Robots Participating in the Olympics :

  • Mascot-type Robots
    > Miraitowa
    > Someity
  • T-HR3 Robot
  • T-TR1 Robot
  • Field Support Robot [FSR]

Miraitowa and Someity :

These are the mascot-type robots developed by the Toyota Motor Corporation.

Maraitowa and someity

> These supercute robots will welcome the Athletes, Coaches and Visitors in Tokyo with human-like expressions and movements like smiling, winking, shaking hands, waving and much more to give a warmly exciting welcome to all.
> They are advanced to recognize and react to your facial expressions.
> They are gonna make Tokyo experience the best to remember.

T-HR3 Humanoid Robot :

These advanced humanoid robots will assist people who are watching the Games remotely. These robots will relay sound, images and physical feedback to the partner robot at the remote location.

‘Toyota Motor Corp.’ has said that they can even mirror each other’s physical movements. This provides an opportunity for those at remote locations who interact with the T-HR3 humanoid robot to feel like they are physically immersed at the on-going game’s arena.

T-TR1 Robot [Human Support Robot] :

It is a virtual mobility robot equipped with a camera atop of a life-size display.

> T-TR1 was developed by Toyota Research Institute in the U.S.
> The robot’s main purpose is to help a person feel more physically present at the game location by projecting an image of a user in a remote location.
> It even allows 2 way live conversation on-screen during the event.

Field Support Robot [FSR] :

FSRs are an automatic driving game assist robots that are smartly designed to assist the games. For example, retrieving the objects like hammers (or) javelin thrown by the athletes and guiding staff through the path that avoids obstacles.

Other new robots are yet to be revealed by the ‘International Olympic Committee’.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 will be the greenest Olympics ever hosted by aiming for the lowest Co2 emissions ever.

With all these super advancements, it feels like Japan is living in the future and Tokyo will be one of the coolest places on the planet to visit this summer for the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

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