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Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter and closer to us than ever before, you can now more or less consider the smartphone as AI’s physical body as the smart apps with AI are now part of our daily lives to make them better.

The search engine giant – Google has launched one such AI-powered app called Stack for android, it is a document scanner app designed for Android smartphones.

Stack is developed under Google’s internal incubator project – Area 120, a sector to develop next-gen AI apps.

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This new doc-scanner app is developed using Google’s powerful DOC-AI tool, the team stated that it is more than just your average mobile scanner as it has the ability to analyze and auto-categorize the documents/receipts into separate stacks and tuck them in your Google Drive, now you get why the name “Stack.” Unlike the present level mobile-scanner app this app segregates not just by reading the headlines but the full content of the doc or receipt you provide.

Stack can also identify the critical information that you need to know like the “due amount”, “due date” and remind you to pay it on time to avoid penalties or the date of expiry of any coupons to use before you throw it into the dustbin, unused.

Image via Google

Stack is developed under the supervision of Mr. Christopher Pedregal.

“I joined Google a couple of years ago when my education startup Socratic, was acquired. At Socratic we used Google’s Computer vision and language understanding to make learning easier for high school students,” he said in a report.

The team also had expert engineers that developed Google’s DocAI.

“I wonder if we could apply the same technologies to make organizing documents easier,” he added.

Stack is enabled with Google’s bio-metric authentication – facial or fingerprint scanning to protect the documents, bills, receipts that are added into the app.

The developers stated that since the app is still in its early days, the users may experience some problems just like any early-stage apps, but the developers are working to fix the bugs and problems based on the feedback.


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