Artificial Intelligence is a revolutionary breakthrough innovation that is changing the pace of our day-to-day lives. It’s now a strong bridge to the path of the super advancement of technology in every aspect.

This supersmart AI is now closer to us than ever before as it is available right in our palm.

Smartphones are now the physical bodies of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ as the smart apps are infused with AI technology to make our lives much better. 

Here are some of the best Artificial Intelligence android apps that you can use right now. 

Our Home :

Our home app

If you are finding it difficult to discipline your kids (or) any family member, you can start with ‘Our Home.’

It’s a family-friendly app designed to attract anyone (mostly kids) towards self-correcting and learning. It’s a true task management App.

Well, the task can be anything from as simple as feeding the pet to mowing the grass. It’s made to motivate kids to take responsibility and manage their daily chores without burdening their parents. The parents can reward the kids based on their performance.

Key Features :

> Plan and allocate tasks and chores.
> Inspire the children with goals and rewards.
> Analyse the activities and personal progress.
> List your selections before shopping.
> Exchange messages in the family.
> Enter events and set reminders in the family calendar.

Building the character of responsibility in life from an early age forges the best human being.

Click here to forge the best citizen you can shape with Our Home

Air Quality by Plume Labs : 

Air quality app

According to the NRDC report, it’s getting harder with every passing day to live in the crowded city oblivious to the pollution around us. And here’s where the environmental Artificial Intelligence comes in to save the day.

Well, apparently it won’t filter the air around you but guides you to make a decision by providing the accurate data on air quality of not just the city you are in but the cities of the whole world [now that is big…].

Know what you breathe :

The air quality forecasts around the world are gathered, analyzed and get displayed on your mobile screen by the AI of the app round the clock.

It’s a very useful app for those who have respiratory problems. Based on this data you can decide your outdoor tasks like taking a walk in a park (or) visiting any city with low pollution levels around the world to spend your holidays.

And don’t forget to do your part to reduce pollution so that our next generation can breathe clean air.

Click here to check out your city’s pollution level with Air Quality

Fine Scanner AI : 

Fine scanner artificial intelligence app

It is the 1st AI-powered smart mobile scanner for any type of document. AI of the app automatically detects the text in your gallery and recommends you to scan the page/document.

The highlight of this smart app is that it works (scans) even without internet connectivity.

Special feature: Fine Scanner AI can recognize text [OCR] on scans in 193 languages.

This AI-based scanning app is ranked at the top of the list in almost 98 countries.

Click here to get access to AI-powered scanner with Fine Scanner AI

Bot Libre! :

Bot libre app

This app is almost a mirror to the artificial intelligence in the pocket. This app enables the user to create a friend on a smart device.

The user can own a chatbot and train it for conversations. This true AI app is best whenever you feel lonely (or) to chat with someone. You can create a customized friend (or) bots that can be your girlfriend/boyfriend (or) any legendary characters [e.just g. Bruce Lee] to chat with.

The smart app also supports live chats, chat rooms [you can even add your bot in it] and forums.

The bot can communicate in different languages. You can either choose an image (or) a 3D character from it’s ‘avatar library’ (or) can create your own with pictures from your device. Even better, you can make a bot that looks and acts just like you.

The bots can be trained to correct their responses in chat and they can even learn automatically from the users. The app can also be accessed in the web ocean. It’s fun to have a bot-friend in the pocket.

Click here to create a pocket friend with Bot Libre!

SimSimi :

Sim simi artificial intelligence app

It’s one of the best AI entertainment apps. The user can have a seamless chat with SimSimi. Artificial Intelligence is the epitome of the app.

SimSimi’s smart response is quicker than the usual apps as it’s AI engine is upgraded to a smarter level.

SimSimi just like Bot Libre! is best to have if you feel bored or lonely and to chat. In fact, in some cases, SimSimi has the upper hand in keeping the conversation lit with its staggering answers and replies.

Click here to start the chat with SimSimi

SoundHound :

Sound hound app

Artificial Intelligence for the ear. SoundHound is one of the best AI-powered smart music apps you can use.

Searching a song is now easier than ever before. This app can identify the music/song that’s around you. It doesn’t matter wherever you are in the world as long as you are connected. Be it in the car, in a shower, concert, you name it. As soon as the app listens to the song, it reveals everything about the song you wanna know… The lyrics, artist, album, song title, everything…

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You’ll even have a ‘Music Map’, it reminds you where or in which location the song was found. Like if it was in a coffee shop across the street, SoundHound got you cover in it’s ‘Music Map’. 

It even has a voice control system, all you need to say is ‘Ok’ Hound… and say whatever song you wanna listen to (or) ask anything you want.


> OK Hound ‘play today’s top song.’
> OK Hound ‘add this song to my playlist.’
> OK Hound ‘get me the lyrics of this song.’

It’s that good. And the music can be shared on a social platform instantly. 

Click here to reach SoundHound

These are some of the best AI-powered apps that can make your day better.

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