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As Augmented Reality (AR) is gaining heat to become the next big thing, tech giants are already at fully-fledged work in their R&D sectors to find the secret formula to dominate the new era.

And Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg was the 1st to inform the world of their neck-deep involvement in making Augmented Reality part of everyone’s life just like in the movie Ready Player One.

However, Meta isn’t the only one optimistic to change the world. The world’s largest tech giant – Apple, valued at more than $2.5 trillion is said to be working on the prototype of its own Augmented Reality headset.

According to a report, the company has been working on its mixed reality headsets ‘Reality Pro’ code-named N301, N421, and N602. And N301 aka Apple Reality Pro will be the 1st Augmented Reality (AR) – Virtual Reality (VR) headset by Apple to reach the market.

The report stated that this Mixed Reality (MR) headset will not be rolled out at the “Far Out” event.

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According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his latest Power on newsletter, “the new Apple Reality Pro could be rolling out in 2023, and N301, aka Apple Reality Pro, could be the higher-end” competitor to Meta’s upcoming headset – Quest Pro.

And the announced N602 could be the next successor to Apple Reality Pro and could be priced lesser than the 1st MR headset. N421 could be the updated version of Apple’s augmented reality glasses.

Mr. Gurman’s sneak peeks into what Apple’s first AR-VR headset could be called, and the company has petitioned for its new trademark filings.

Previously, the company was reported trade marking many terms that are related to its upcoming AR headset including “Reality Pro, Reality Processor, and Reality One.”

However, these rumors haven’t been officially confirmed by the company yet.

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