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The world of Augmented Reality (AR) has gained more traction than ever before ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced Metaverse.

Many big tech players are eyeing a strong foothold in futuristic Augmented Reality’s real estate.

The California-based internet titan Google is all gearing up big to lay its stake in the AR world with its new generation of smart glasses.

In its preparation, Google in 2021 acquired AR glasses firm North to make Google smart glasses in order to enter the AR world according to The New York Times.

North is a Canadian-based Smart Glasses manufacturing company, however, in 2019 the company discontinued the production of its first-generation Focal Smart glasses due to poor acceptance in the market before Google’s acquisition.

But ever since becoming part of Google, the company is working extensively using Google’s massive resources to develop Google Smart Glasses which would be the second generation of focals for North, sources stated.

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Google Smart glasses are still in their experimental stages. According to the 9to5 Google report, the tech engineers of the company were assigned to Google’s divisions working on AR hardware, software, Nest, Pixel, and other hardware.

The latest development was Mark Lucovsky appointed as the Senior Director of Engineering – Operating Systems, AR at Google in December 2020.

But Google isn’t the only player in the field preparing to grab a piece of the hot Pie.

Apple is experimenting with its own mixed-reality headsets in its lab. Meta has joined hands with the popular eyeglasses brand Ray-Ban to create Ray-Ban Stories that can shoot videos and photographs.

Well, all these companies racing to claim their stake is just the tip of the metaverse iceberg.

This futuristic expanding technology is believed to change the way people socialize, work, and play, all under one umbrella.

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