Oktoberfest 2019 : 

Some people love ‘beer’ than anything else in the whole world. And I think you are one of those beer-lovers, or why else would you be here…?

Some crazy beer-lovers have a crazy dream to drink beer, shower in beer, float in beer and even sleep in beer…

Well, guess what..! that crazy wish is about to come true. Summon your friends and be prepared to visit one of the biggest beer festivals in the whole wide world.

“Oktoberfest 2019”
World’s biggest beer festival ever [September 21st – October 6th]

It’s held in ‘Theresienwiese’, central Munich, Germany [It’s been an ancestral celebrating ground for ‘Oktoberfest’ since 200 years].

Every party has a beer to celebrate but in Oktoberfest it’s different. Here every pint of beer has a party to celebrate. The massive beer festival will kick start from 21st September [Saturday].

Unlimited barrels of beer will be complemented with unlimited pumping of fun, party, celebration, dance, music, parade, food, excitement, you name it…

It’s a ‘Beer Paradise’ in short. This is the best place to take the lid off your fun limit.

Breweries with barrels of beer in stalls, Pints of beer in hand, Excitement in eyes, Smile on face, Spirit in the soul, Happiness in heart, Music to ears, Dance for fun to the body, Crowd to cheer, Amusing events to participate in, Traditional dress to wear, Parade to march, Games to play, and a wide variety of food to feast… all these for 16 exciting days make ‘Oktoberfest’ a must and the best event to add into your bucket list.

Oktoberfest event in munich

What all you can do in Oktoberfest…?

Being the world’s largest volksfest, it would be a disappointment if the fun’s limited… but luckily it’s not…

Oktoberfest has a long history of unlimited fun and amusement. There’s a ton of things you can try but 1st and the most important thing is to live up to the title… It’s all about beer so… Drink, Drink and Drink.

Drinking beer in oktoberfest

Oktoberfest exclusively offers 6 different traditional beers from 6 different breweries.

> Augustiner-Bräu
> Hacker-Pschorr Bräu
> Löwenbräu
> Paulaner
> Spatenbräu
> Staatliches Hofbräu – München

But the real question is… Will you be pumped even after raising a good number of pints…?

The cost of a liter of wiesn beer will be between 10.80-11.80 Euros.

Click here to check on the prices of beer…

The Official Beer Prices

Fun Fact: The most expensive beer in the world is ‘Löwenbräu Lager’, auctioned in Great Britain in 2009 cost 22,000 Euros.

Apart from ‘Beer’ – host of the party, comes food that can satisfy your craving way beyond expectation.

Oktoberfest cuisine offers you exclusively traditional and tasty food of the season.

> Traditional Pretzels.
> Weißwurst Sausage.
> Half Roasted Chicken.
> Gingerbread hearts [Sweet Oktoberfest tradition] are some of the delicious dishes that you definitely don’t wanna miss.

After a complimentary satisfaction of your belly. You definitely don’t wanna miss the amusing activities.

Oktoberfest amusing activities

Oktoberfest kickstarts with the ‘Parade of the landlords and breweries’ at Theresienwiese. And officially gets started only after the mayor opens the 1st beer barrel by tapping and shouting the word “O’zapft is!”. And the celebration is open to everyone.

Interesting Fact: “O’zapft is!” is the traditional saying at exact midday… there’s no wiesn without the tapping ceremony.

There are parades, dance, music, concerts, traditional competitions, and most amusing activities to try out.

Check out the cool amusing and most entertaining attraction…

Oktoberfest Attraction Rides

Every event will be the best of it’s kind. And the only way to be sure is witnessing it for yourself.

I bet every event’s gonna create a crater of memory in your heart to take back home [Get a hard drive as your brain will run short of space for memories of this beautiful event].

Click here to find out the events…

Oktoberfest Events

I wish you to ride every single opportunity you get because its just one life. Live it to the fullest. Don’t limit yourself from anything you love.

Comment below to let us know what you feel about ‘Oktoberfest 2019’.


Chandu · July 19, 2019 at 11:18

Such a cool fest 😍😍😍…!!! I think everyone one of us must have to attend this fest at least once in our lifetime…!! and I’m a regular follower of this blog for ur such an informative and inserting topics u provide us…!! Definitely, your blog is gonna be one of the best blogs of the world… keep up ur work…!!!

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