La Tomatina 2019 : 

Brace yourself for one of the world’s best fun-filled event ever – La Tomatina 2019. It’s the most entertaining and amusing event where you can totally let loose your inner party spirit.

‘La Tomatina’, is one of the very few festivals which have a totally diverse way of having fun apart from dance and music.

It’s a festival celebrated to rejoice the inner spirit. People from all over the world just madly await for this gorgeous event to come by.

La tomatina celebration

And luckily it’s not far away ‘La Tomatina’ is on ’28th of August 2019′ [It’s celebrated on every last Wednesday of August every year]. Thousands and thousands just flock in to be part of this awesome festival.

The event will take place in Buñol, Spain’. Buñol is one of the nicest and quietest place in Spain but during ‘La Tomatina’, Buñol’s anything but quiet.

It’s gonna have adrenaline-pumping activities, music, dancing, parades, fireworks and a lot more stuff that fulfills the word ‘satisfaction’ on partying.

Fun Fact : Buñol has a population of just 9,000 people but swells to 50,000 people during the D-day of La Tomatina.

You should follow these rules to have the best celebration ever :

> Have a safe distance from the vehicles [Lorries].
> Remember to squash the tomatoes before throwing at others to make it less painful on impact.
> Do not rip/throw clothes.
> After you hear the shot of the 2nd warning firework, stop throwing tomatoes.
> Do follow the directions of the security staff.

Enjoying in la tomatina fest

Funniest mini-war of kids :

Well, the bonus news is that ‘La Tomatina 2019’ is open to kids too [Its not a party just for adults anymore] and its called as ‘La Tomatina Kids 2019’.

It’s exclusively reserved for kids from 4-14 years of age. It will be held on ’24th August 2019′, that’s 4 days prior to the big tomato festival’s D-day.

But I’m sure it’s gonna be one best party a kid can have and I bet its gonna be the most adorable and beautiful sight to see those tiny limbs playfully throwing tomatoes at each other and having a mini-war of run and fun. And don’t worry its absolutely ‘free’.

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La Tomatina Kids

Tips for La Tomatina kids :

> Have safety glasses/swimming goggles while playing to avoid having Tomato juice in the eyes.
> Bring clean clothes to wear after the celebration.
> Get clean towels.
> Have your kids wear simple (or) later disposable clothes during the celebration as it may get over stained (or) torn.
> Don’t take your eyes off your kid.
> Make sure your kid has your phone no.

And just enjoy watching your kids having fun.

This happens on D-day [La Tomatina] :

> All the harvested tomatoes en route to the center of the town, Playa del Pueblo hauled by huge trucks.
> The participants will be gathered and prepared for the burst of celebration by around 11 am.
> There’s a tradition, one has to climb on top of a two-story high, greased-up wooden pole to reach the greatly envied ‘ham’ before starting off the celebration.
> It might take a long time as it isn’t easy to climb the slippery pole. And if nobody reached it then the celebration is canceled… [just kiddin]. Despite nobody reaching the top, celebration however kick starts.
> The beginning of the happy chaos will be signaled by the firing of water cannons. And it starts, one of the best food fights ever.
> The fight is all like every man for himself.

partying in la tomatina fest

Fun Fact: In 1945, ‘La Tomatina’ was started accidentally when some youngsters broke out a fight with tomatoes which gradually gained popularity and is now a world-famous celebration.

> After more than an hour of the amazing friendly food fight, there will be 2 warning shots of firework to halt the throwing.
> You can clean yourself when the fire trucks spray down water [the authorities might be more concerned with cleaning the town than cleaning the visitors].
> Or you might choose the Buñol river to clean yourself.
> Some kind residents siphon passers-by down.
> The celebration doesn’t just end there. It has many parades, events, fireworks and cooking competition including massive cook-offs.

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BookingLa Tomatina

Well, the best days of your life’s waiting in Buñol. ‘Life’s like an ice-cream, enjoy before it melts’.

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