Indy 500 2019 :

I can say that you are a big lover of ‘Speed’, if not why else would you be here…?

‘Indy 500: World’s Biggest Single-Day Sporting Event’ ever.

It’s the 103rd running of ‘The Indy 500’. It’s the sport which makes your blood flow at 200 miles per hour, Heart pound faster than the Pistons of an Engine, Adrenaline detonates every single minute you see those ‘Hungry Beasts of Speed’ tearing those tracks with fiery hot wheels at 300kmph.

Indy 500 race

It’s just super cool and excited to be there…

‘Turbo’ if you have seen this super animated movie then I guess you don’t need any more introduction on ‘The Grand Indianapolis 500’ and the only thing that’s not gonna happen is a ‘Snail’ racing in it.

And get ready to experience all these. It is held over ‘Memorial Day’ weekend in late May on May 26th, 2019.

Indianapolis 500 [Indy 500] is a whopping ‘500 mile’ Race held in Indianapolis Motor Speedway [IMS]. Indiana, United States with those magnificent F1 Beasts, all cracking up their Engines to make you feel what real speed is.

The event’s titled as the “greatest spectacle in Racing”, is considered part of the ‘Triple Crown of Motorsport’ which comprises three of the most prestigious motorsports events in the world, also including The Monaco Grand Prix and The 24 Hours of Le Mans.

You are the best luckiest fan if you have seen all these 3 races in person…

Fun Fact: Indianapolis Motor Speedway is named as “The Brickyard” as the racing Surface was paved in ‘Brick’ in the fall of 1909.

The Track is a 2.5 mile [4.0 kms] oval circuit with 4 distinct turns of identical dimensions. The cool and legendary speedsters with the nerves of steel race through the track at 200 miles per hour.

The Crazy purring sound of hot Engines, The hum of acceleration. The vibrations you feel when they get closer to you. The Cheering of the crowd. The Excitement running in your body. All these Extravaganzas of speed.

It’s just totally spectacular to be there.

Indycar grand prix

Well, even though ‘Indianapolis 500’ is the biggest one day sport. It has cool Pre-Indy-500 events.

Check it out…

Indycar Grand Prix – 10th and 11th May 2019 :

10th May – Practice and Qualifying.
11th May – Race Day.

Technically, the whole month of May is a ‘Carnival of Speed’. Your favorite stars of the NTT Indycar series begin their quest to conquer the title ‘King of the IMS Road Course’.

Check out the list of races here… 

List Of Racers

And I think you are definitely excited like never before to witness it.

And guess what…?

There’s an ‘Autograph session’ just for the true fan like you to get up close with your favorite star and have a chance to walk on the legendary ‘yard of bricks’ after the Race of ‘Speedy Beasts’ [And I suggest you to run rather than walk on the track. Don’t forget, it’s the track of Speed and walking doesn’t suit too well… haha…].

Click here to grab a chance to do it…

Indycar Grand Prix Tickets

Miller Lite Carb Day :

24th March 2019

When Speed fused with Music. I bet the day would be as perfect as you imagine. And that perfect day is on Friday 24th May 2019.

The Miller Lite Carb Day Concert will feature one of the most legendary Rock-band of all time ‘Foreigner’. The Indy 500 Pit-stop competition.

Foreigner rock band concert

Let me fuel your excitement even more. It’s the last and final Practice Day for the 103rd Indy 500.

Click here to be there on the Day…

Miller Lite

Legends Day :

25th May 2019

> It’s a Legendary Day before the historic Day of Indy 500. Legends Day is a day that gives you a golden chance to witness the glory, legends and living legends of Indy 500.
> The day is presented in honors of the Legendary Immortal names and Machines of more than a century of the Indianapolis 500.
> This special day holds autograph sessions with current and past drivers, historic Car laps.
> And be ready to be blown away by the Grammy Award Winning Zac Brown Band Concert.

Zac brown band concert

Click here to make sure you’ll be there…

Legends Day

Snake Pit and 103rd Running of the Indy 500 :

Well, well… well… We are down to the historic day of the calendar. The day which the 33 racers with their speedy beasts and the whole world have been waiting for… The day of deciding the Champion. The day of ultimate speedsters of the world.

The Judgement day…

And this day is perfected even more with the biggest party in motorsport – The Snake Pit. It’s back on Indy 500 Race Day to full-fill the deciding day of speed.

You definitely don’t wanna miss this day of Fun Extravaganza. Because Snake Pit concert will feature a lineup of Global Electronic Music Superstar Performers.

Snake pit concert

> Skrillex [Sonny John].
> Alesso.
> Illenium.
> Chris Lake.

These are the cool Performers of the concert. So don’t you dare miss it.

Speed Music, Fun, Excitement, Legends, Superstars, Record busters and much more. All these in one Single Package ‘Indianapolis 500’.

Don’t miss one of the best days of your life.

God Speed…

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